Editorial: Harnessing the Power of Words; Spoken Word and Poetry Promote Peace

By Bakah Derick 

In the bustling town of Bamenda, a transformative event took place on Friday, 22 September, to commemorate World Peace Day. Spearheaded by talented spoken word artists and poets, this event harnessed the power of words to promote peace in our society. Through their passionate performances and thought-provoking words, these artists demonstrated the profound impact that spoken word and poetry can have in fostering a peaceful world.
Spoken word and poetry have long played a vital role in giving voice to the voiceless and communicating the nuances of our shared human experience. They allow individuals to express their thoughts, emotions, and opinions in a creative and powerful manner. The beauty of spoken word and poetry lies in their ability to transcend social, cultural, and linguistic barriers. This universal language of the heart and mind enables us to forge connections, build empathy, and foster mutual understanding. So did Mottanni and Co at the World Peace Day commemorative event
At the heart of the event in Bamenda was the desire to break down the walls that divide us and unite in our pursuit of peace. People in this town have known and lived an armed conflict for six years and counting. Spoken word artists and poets from diverse backgrounds came together, using their art as a medium to challenge prejudice, discrimination, and injustice. Their words stirred the audience, creating a sense of collective responsibility to eradicate violence and promote harmony.

By exploring themes that range from social issues to personal struggles and celebrating our shared humanity, these artists shed light on the importance of compassion, tolerance, and empathy. Through their powerful performances, they encouraged the audience to reflect upon their own roles in contributing to a more peaceful society.
From Mottanni, The Ink, Njoke, Yembe and others, the words produced power. Their work possess the ability to evoke profound emotions, challenge ingrained beliefs, and inspire personal transformation. The event in Bamenda was far from speech making which characteristic of most of our events. 

Through this experience, people were empowered to confront their biases, broaden their perspectives, and reevaluate their actions. In this way, spoken word and poetry become catalysts for societal change, motivating individuals to actively engage in the pursuit of peace within their local communities.
The Bamenda event served as a beacon of hope for future generations as other younger spoken word had an opportunity to present their works. By witnessing the influence and impact of spoken word and poetry, young people were inspired to explore their own creative abilities and find their voices. Through art, they can contribute to shaping a brighter and more peaceful future.
Phamous Ink 
The promotion of peace through spoken word and poetry is a powerful force that fosters understanding, empathy, and unity among individuals. Many used the event to share a drink or two, a stick of cigarette, coffee,, food and much more.. The event organized by spoken word artists and poets in Bamenda on World Peace Day exemplifies the transformative potential of words in building bridges and effecting positive change. Let us embrace the beauty and power of spoken word and poetry, recognizing them as essential tools in our collective journey towards lasting peace.

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