Vaccination Campaign Face Challenges in Rural Communities in NW Amid Ongoing Armed Conflict, Others

By Bakah Derick

Eforts by health authorities and aid agencies to ensure the vaccination of children against polio in most rural communities in the North West Region have been visible September 22, 2023 when the campaign kicked off. This has met several challenges. The undertaking is complicated by the region's simultaneous struggle with the over six-year-old armed conflict, adding to the difficulties of reaching vulnerable children and ensuring their protection against the devastating disease. This amongst other could explain why health authorities have organized a catchup campaign for September 26 after the campaign ended on the 24
Vaccination team in Mbonso Bui Division 

According to health authorities, the polio vaccination campaign aims to combat the spread of the highly infectious poliovirus, which poses a severe threat to the health and well-being of children. Unfortunately, the ongoing armed conflict has exacerbated an already challenging situation, impeding access to remote villages and hindering the deployment of medical personnel and resources. With this multifaceted crisis, the campaign's success hangs in the balance.
One of the primary challenges in delivering the polio vaccine is the security risks associated with operating in conflict zones. The armed conflict has severely restricted movement, making it difficult for vaccination teams to reach remote areas where the virus could thrive due to limited healthcare access. Additionally, the presence of armed groups has created an atmosphere of insecurity, making it harder to gain trust and acceptance from communities.

Another significant obstacle is the lack of infrastructure and resources in rural areas, exacerbated by the devastating consequences of the conflict. Dilapidated roads, inadequate healthcare facilities, and limited transportation options make it difficult for health workers to reach and vaccinate children, particularly in the most vulnerable communities.
Moreover, misinformation and mistrust are prevalent in these situations, particularly when residents have been on the receiving end of violence and displacement for an extended period. Some parents may be hesitant to allow their children to receive vaccinations due to rumors or doubts about the vaccine's efficacy or safety. Overcoming these misconceptions requires targeted awareness campaigns, community engagement, and the involvement of local leaders and influential figures and engagement health authorities have been into for some time now. 

Health organizations and aid agencies involved in the polio vaccination campaign are keenly aware of the obstacles they face. Health authorities in Cameroon say they have been working tirelessly to adapt their strategies and implement innovative approaches to reach affected communities. This includes mobile vaccination teams, liaising with local leaders for support, and partnering with community volunteers or mobilizers to increase acceptance and accessibility. Initially programed to end on Sunday 24, a catchup has been organized till September 26 to ensure children are vaccinated. 
Efforts are also being made to coordinate with local authorities and security forces to ensure the safety of vaccination teams, they say. Certainly, by prioritizing the security of these medical professionals and establishing safe corridors, the campaign can more effectively reach children in need.

The challenges posed by the ongoing armed conflict in the North West region have undoubtedly compounded the difficulties of implementing the polio vaccination campaign. However, health organizations, aid agencies, and courageous healthcare professionals are steadfast in their resolve to protect vulnerable children from the devastating effects of polio. With strong collaboration, community engagement, and support, it is hoped that these challenges can be effectively addressed and overcome, ultimately leading to a more resilient and healthy society.


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