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EXHIST celebrates Milestone Achievements at 3rd Convocation

By Carlos Ngwayi in Yaoundé 

Experiential Higher Institute of Science and Technology (EXHIST) has celebrated remarkable successes recorded just within the last four years of the institution's existence. This was during the 3rd convocation ceremony of the University Institute in Yaoundé on Saturday 30 September 2023.
Faculty, Staff, Masters, First Degree and HND Graduates 

Guest Speaker at the convocation, Hon Yoyo Emmanuel has attributed the success to the core values of the institution like Academic Excellence, leadership and accountability, diversity, innovation, hard work, discipline, honesty amongst others. 

While expressing gratitude to parents and guardians who believe in EXHIST at this tender age, the faculty and staff for their commitment, the President and CEO of EXHIST, Ngang Nelson says despite the landmark achievements already listed in the profile of the institution, his wish is to produce professionals who will provide services especially healthcare with love and passion. He handed awards including the DAISY award, which recognizes exceptional nursing students who have demonstrated outstanding patient care. 
In a recent ranking by the Ministry of Higher Education, EXHIST emerged 10th nationwide with the best HND results. The institution produced 2nd and 3rd national best students in Nursing, scoring 100% in over six disciplines including software engineering, Marketing, Bakery and food processing, Medical laboratory science, nursing and Midwifery
Faculty, Staff  and Master Degree Graduates 

The EXHIST school and dance crew were the sensation of the convocation event thrilling a full graduation room at the Yaoundé conference center. 


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