The Economy does not take political, military orders

By Bakah Derick

The economy is a complex system that is influenced by a multitude of factors, including government policies, global events, and consumer behavior. While political leaders may have some control over certain aspects of the economy, it is important to recognize that the economy does not take political orders.
In a democratic society like this one we claim to have, it is natural for politicians to want to take credit for a strong economy and to blame their opponents for a weak one. However, this oversimplifies the reality of how the economy works. Economic growth and stability depend on a wide range of factors, including innovation, productivity, consumer confidence, and global trade. Here, nothing relating to this exits... 

Furthermore, economic policies that may seem beneficial in the short term can have unintended consequences in the long term. For example, increasing government spending to stimulate the economy may lead to inflation and higher interest rates down the road. Similarly, protectionist trade policies may benefit certain industries in the short term but can harm overall economic growth and lead to retaliatory measures from other countries. Na here we dey... na wa handwork this... 
It is important for political leaders to recognize the limits of their influence on the economy and to work with experts in the field to develop policies that are grounded in sound economic principles. This means prioritizing long-term economic growth over short-term political gains and avoiding knee-jerk reactions to economic fluctuations.

Ultimately, a strong and stable economy benefits everyone, regardless of political affiliation. By acknowledging that the economy does not take political orders, we can work together to create policies that promote sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

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