Bamenda III Council: Mayor dedicates performance award to denizens

By Bakah Derick 

The Mayor of the Bamenda III Council has dedicated his recently won performance award to denizens of his municipality. Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe made the dedication on Tuesday 7 March 2023 while receiving The Guardian Post 2022 achievement award from a delegation that represented him at the award event in Douala on Saturday 4. 
Mayor receiving award from his representative during the award event in Douala 

"I think that if not for the collaboration of our people we will not be able to achieve anything. They have been very collaborative and that is why I will like to thank and dedicate this award to them." He said 

Awarded as "Winner, 2022 Most Performant Mayor of the Year", Cameroon's most regular newspapers The Guardian Post attributes the recognition to the fact that the Mayor was able to surmount "growing security challenges to transform the Bamenda III municipality." 
"In 2022, we continued with our water extention project which is very important for our people, continued with taring, maintained and opened of new roads. Build bridges, assisted the youth, women and persons with disabilities and a good number of things. I think that one of the biggest things we are achieving in this municipality is the constant change in mindset towards development. This is very important for us and we hope to do alot more with this mindset." Mayor Fongu Cletus explained. 
Mayor's representative receiving award in Douala 

Currently in its 20th edition, the Guardian Post achievement award has become the most popular and credible media awards in the country. 
Bamenda III Council delegation at the award event 

The publisher of the daily, Ngah Christian has remained unequivocal that the award celebrates the best with the hope of encouraging them to continue doing more for the development of the country.