Senatorial Elections 2023: They have packed their bags, others are gone

By Bakah Derick 

On the 25 of March 2018, Seven Senators of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) were elected into office. Following Cameroon's constitution and Section 215 (3) of the country's electoral code, President Paul will later appoint three to take the regions tally to 10. Though 10 of them started the mandate, not all have finished. Marked by deads and several life threatening events and scandals as a result of the ongoing armed conflict in the region, the law makers have had a rough ride. 
Two of them Senator Henry Gamsey Kemende and Kumbongsi Dyx Meten passed on with Hon Henry Gamsey brutally murdered. 

Regina Mundi Elisabeth spent several days in captivity with her abductos. 

As it stands, they have packed their bags waiting for the verdict of the March 12, 2023 polls and the decision of the president. 

Here are the outgoing Senators. 
Away from the North West Region 

Ngam Honore (Elected) He is maintained in the SDF and will be running again for a second mandate. The Barrister at law seemed to have convinced his party hierarchy but words and actions to give him another chance. 

Buh Sule Tegha (Elected). The Senator from Menchum found favour in the eyes of his party hierarchy and was retained to contest his seat again. 
Fon Chaffah Isaac (Apointed) He will be counting on the head of state for his return to the Senate 
Fon DOH GANYONGA III After serving two terms, the Lion of Bali will be looking forward to another appointment if he must return to the upper house. 

Henry Gamsey Kemende (elected) Shot and Killed in Bamenda on January11,  2022, the former SDF Senator is no longer part of the political lineup in the region and his party. 

Kinyang Nyang Georges (elected) Not much is said or heard about him 
Kumbongsi Dyx Meten Alim (Elected) He passed on 
Nkeze Emilia Kalebong (elected) She has not been retained in the SDF list for the upcoming election. Her relationship with the SDF long crumbled. Not only was she replaced as Vice-President of the Senate, but has been threatened with the famous article 8.2 of her party which is synonymous to a dismissal. 

Regina Mundi Elisabeth (appointed) Kidnapped on April 30, 2022 in Bamenda, the 80 years old senator who is also member of the highest decision making organ of the ruling CPDM looks more confident as the surest to make a return. Her loyalty over the years and engagement in community activities has earned her respect within the party. 

Vanigansen Mochiggle (Elected) He ends the legislature as Vice president. No so much is about his activities but he seems to be in the good books of his party. He has been retained on his party's list for the upcoming Senatorial elections. 

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