Bamenda III Water Scheme: Pre-filter, pumping stations installed, tested after three days of optimisation

By Bakah Derick 

German experts currently on mission to optimise the the Bamenda III Council Water scheme say they are going faster that planned. This follows three days of continous work since their arrival for the optimisation mission on January 10, 2022. 

New pre-filtration improvement installation 

On day one of work, they experts say their mission was to install and test the new pre-filter and prepare the controls for the pumping stations. This was successfully. 
The second target was the completion of the pre-filtration improvement before heading to the inner city for the installation of pumps for supply. 
Work at the pre-filtration improvement installation 
At Green hill on day three, two pumping stations have been installed and tested. 
Pumping station

"It is working out as planned. Water was almost arriving on top of the mountain. The residents are over the moon." A post at the Verein zur Förderung der Trinkwasserversorgung in Kamerun e.V. Facebook page partly read on the close of Friday 13 January 2023. 
Karli Heinisch, Gerd Muller and Cyprian at the Pumping at Green hill 

While explaining that before now the water scheme was producing about 60 000 litres of water per hour on January 10 shortly after the arrival of Karli Heinisch and Gerd Muller for the mission, Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe justified the current works saying "We produce this quantity sometimes and we have nothing to do with the water. When the reservoirs and tanks are full, we have to stop filtration since there is no where to store. That is why we had to build more tanks so we can filter good water and give to the population." 
Council water team at the Pumping station

It is hoped that at the close of the mission, the filtration capacity of the purification plant will be raised to 70 000 litres per hour and with the new pumping stations extended to places with high altitudes and obviously more communities and city dwellers.