Assassination of Martinez ZOGO: Declaration of the Federation of Newspaper Editors of Cameroon, FEDIPRESSE

Declaration of the Federation of Newspaper Editors of Cameroon, FEDIPRESSE 

"The government, the parliament and the justice system, responsible for the  security of citizens
Martinez Zogo 

FEDIPRESSE, the federation of Newspaper publishers in Cameroon, was dismayed to learn of the discovery of the decomposing remains, this Sunday, January 22, in Ebogo, on the outskirts of Yaoundé, of Mbani Zogo Arsène Salomon, better known by his pen name "Martinez ZOGO", head of the Amplitude FM channel and presenter of a successful programme called "Embouteillages.

He was kidnapped five days earlier, investigating the perpetrators of looting of public funds and receiving recurrent death threats.

FEDIPRESSE holds the Cameroonian government, its judiciary and parliament responsible for this "Wild West" atmosphere, which no longer leaves room for respect of the law, protection of basic human rights, or the exercise of the most basic freedom, that of information and knowledge.

A delegation from Fedipresse will meet with the Minister of Communication and the authorities in charge of security on Monday, January 22, 2023. 

Done in Yaounde on 21 January 2023.

For Fedipresse, 

Its President


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