SDF Shadow Cabinet: Party Chair appoints challenger Minister

By Bakah Derick 

The National Chairman of Cameroon's opposition party the Social Democratic Front (SDF) has appointed one of his principal challengers as member of the Shadow Cabinet. 
Ni John Fru Ndi and Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon 

Ni John Fru Ndi made public the surprise appointment of the immediate past member of parliament for Bamenda-Bali amongst others on Thursday 17 June 2022 though the decision is dated June 7. Also referred to as the Standing Committees as provided for in the SDF constitution, the Shadow Cabinet general is considered a government in waiting should the party take power. Those appointed into the cabinet have the duty to advice the party on issues in their areas of competence. 

The appointment of Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon who is known to be a daring challenger of the Ntarikon strongman on several instances took many by surprise. 
"To be honest with you, that is the major surprise in that appointment. You can see that many of those appointed are very loyal people to the chairman. Fobi has always wanted to challenge the chairman to be presidential candidate. I am not sure they had a good relationship. I think that of Agbor Balla too is surprising. I didn't know he was SDF." Julius SDF militant said 

"I was surprised by that of Fobi and the SG of the party. Fobi has always been against the chairman during elections but I think he is qualified and I praise Fru Ndi for that." another militant remarked

Apart from his recent outing recalling a longtime position on the necessity for the SDF to join government; an idea the chairman has never approved even in error, the new SDF Shadow Cabinet Minister for Urban Development and Habitat is remembered for openly expressing the desire to represent the party during presidential elections in Cameroon more than once against the wish of the  chairman though protected by the constitution. Suspected as a potential contender for the post of national leader of the party should the opportunity provide itself, Hon Fobi Nchinda is no doubt a daring militant of the SDF 

Despite the sometimes difficult relationship with the party chieftain, Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon has remained a frontline militant of the SDF. In several outings, he has maintained his position on the SDF as the only source of hope in Cameroon and the most qualified party to takeover from the CPDM and improve the living conditions of Cameroonians. 
The two term former member of parliament and architect by training is also known to share the same position with his party leader on several issues including the need for Cameroon to return to the federal form of government. 

In his mid 70s, the native of Nkwen is believed to have lost his parliamentary seat to the CPDM during the last elections in 2020 as a result of the ongoing armed conflict in the region. To his supporters, he represents transparency, justice and equity going by the management of his parliamentary micro project grants and regular communication on his parliamentary activities during his over eight years in parliament. He is considered fearless reason why he openly dares a chairman many dread. 

Below is the complete appointment decision including others appointed by Ni John Fru Ndi.