Save the Crown: Dzengoko Fon cautions colleagues on partisan politics

By Shey Godbless 

The Fon  Dzengoko village Wum in Menchum Division has called on his peer traditional rulers to remain politically non-partisan and maintain traditional values as they go about leading their different Fondoms and villages. 
Fon Inap Mbibong Dzengoko village Wum

His Royal Highness Fon Inap Mbibong made the call on Sunday May 22, 2022, while on a courtesy visit to Son's and Daughters of Bui division resident in Bamenda. According to him, partisan politics should not be for traditional rulers since Fons and the palaces engulfed everyone be them the poor, wretched,  rich, dull or intelligent. Taking sides in politics according to him is tantamount to siding with one party against another. The monarch stressed that everybody has a position in the palace and by  staying out of partisan politics, the Fons will be build a society of happiness and harmony.
To Fon Inap Mbibong, it will be meaningless if one was Fon without the people, for the people make up the Fondom. 

Flanked by two Fons; the Fon of Kiluun in Bui division and the Fon of Mentchum of Boyo division, who have been in their respective palaces for sometime, he revealed that he was going to tap much knowledge from them following their  longevity in service. 

Each time inter-palace visit by Fons were carried out, people reminded themselves of their African tradition to be friendly with everyone, he said. 
While acknowledging the fact that the world was changing with modernity taking it's place, he frowned at traditional rulers whose regalia or attire didn't portray any traditional status. 

Over and above all, Fon Inap Mbibong prayed for people to understand the value of peace for without peace, Fons were going to face enormous difficulties in initiating development projects, he concluded.

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