Insecurity-Bamenda: Taxi drivers bury slained colleague in Nkwen-Bamenda

By Bakah Derick 

Taxi drivers in Bamenda have laid to rest one of theirs at the Centerbolt neighbourhood in Nkwen. They turned out in their numbers to bid farewell to.their colleague whose death has been linked to assacination. The drivers stormed the Bamenda Regional during the early hours of Friday 15 April 2022. to take their colleague home. 
Taxi carrying remains of driver Tamasang with funeral van following closely 
It took several hours for the remains of Tamasang to be transported from Bamenda regional hospital in Mankon to Centerbolt-Nkwen as many taxi drivers stopped work and preferred to accompany their violently killed colleague to his final resting place. He has been laid to rest at his recently constructed home at the Centerbolt neighbourhood.  
Remains of taxi driver Tamasang being taken to mortuary 

The late taxi driver whose name we got as Tamasang was found dead along a bushy road at the Ntabang neighbourhood in Nkwen without his taxi early on Monday 11 April 2022. With his taxi not seen till now, conclusions are that he was killed and his taxi taken away. Concerned citizens transported his remains to the Bamenda Regional Hospital Mortuary passing through his Centerbolt residence where many wailed in disbelief. 
Taxis accompanying remains of driver Tamasang

No official sources have made any statement on the gruesome death of the taxi driver. Many who turned out for the funeral have condemned the art questioning they couod not collect the taxi and keep him alive. 
"This is just a shame for us. How can we be living in such a society where life has become so meaningless? Must they kill him to collect his Taxi? I pray my God, his killers will not know peace. Shame to them." A mourner said