FECAFOOT Election: Mbigha Felix replaced

By Bakah Derick 

Murum Divine has been elected to replace Mbigha Felix as delegate to represent the North West at the General Assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT). The election took place on Saturday 9 April 2022 in Bamenda during an Extraordinary General Assembly of the regional league of FECAFOOT. 
Murum Divine (R) and Mbigha Felix (L)

The one point agenda extraordinary general assembly had Jani Benedict; President of North West referees association, Murum Divine; Football Manager and Nji Nelson Chefor sports reporter and football promoter as contesting replacements of Mbigha Felix who was alongside four others voted on November 1, 2021 to represent the North West at the FECAFOOT general assembly but became member of the Samuel Eto'o Fils led Executive committee. 

Mbigha tabled his resignation as delegate following the statutes of the football governing body as delegate for the North West before the electoral committee of FECAFOOT published a list of positions due replacement nationwide. 
Following the elections, Murum Divine emerged winner with seven votes, Jani Benedict with six and Nji Nelson with five.

"It was a tight one winning with seven votes and the second coming with six and third with five. I am happy with those who had confidence in me and believed that I could represent the region at the national level... For my plans I hope to stand as an aid for the region in terms of coaching by ensuring that coaching coursing are done in the region for the coaches to upgrade themselves. I will also want to work so that athletes male and female from the region are represented at the national level and offcouse a field in the North West." Divine Murum told Hilltopvoices. 
 Nji Nelson we gathered was asked to step down by the current FA league President but he resisted. 

"I wouldn't want to comment on this issue. However, the elections was a good test for me in the region and I now understand how it goes. Going forward, I now know what this is all about." Nji Nelson told www.hilltopvoices.com when quized. 
Murum Divine will together with Soh Simplice, Yoye Blaise, Hon Agho Oliver, Fomum Victorine, and one other be representing the North West Regional League at the FA general assembly. 

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