Elite Championships 2022: North West clubs, supporters mobilising to take country by storm

By Bakah Derick 

Football Clubs in the North West Region irrespective of level have been engaged in uncommon actions geared towards putting up a five star performance as the season begins later this month. From the elite to women and regional championship teams, preparations have been similar with visible signs and intentions to be conquering and professional this sesson. With two Cameroon cup titles, a championship title, the North West has for many years occupied the leading roll in national competitions and are sparing no effort to do so this season though still lacking in infrastructure. 
Visible actions around clubs
Yong Sports Academy (YOSA) 

The 2013 cup of Cameroon winner has been multiplying friendly games with Coach Nkabyo Martin noting that a few of his players have left but a good core is still around. Since the regional pre-season tournament in February where the team's participation was far below expectation, the dusty big Mankon school field has welcomed the Elite One side YOSA on at least three occasions. From one to the next, the team has shown clear signs of improvement inspiring supporters to take their turn. Reports from the club say a supporter has opened a fundraiser with 5M FCFA with the supporters President indicating that plans are underway to carry out a strategic fundraiser for the team. Hilltopvoices has gathered that the club promoters; The Yong's family are expecting a huge consignment of supporters gadgets in the days ahead. YOSA is one of the few teams in Cameroon owning a sports complex and a near complete technical staff. Sources around the club are indicating that the club plans an unusual player presentation exercise in the coming days. 

PWD social Club Bamenda 
Considered the people's team in Bamenda, PWD has demonstrated in more ways than one their intentions to be a team professional with supporters building a strong synergy around the oldest team in Abakwa. Nicknamed the Abakwa Boys, PWD Bamenda has for close to five years now been led by a board of Directors with Abunde Pascal as president creating records nationwide. As the only team in the country to organise two internationally friendly games ahead of a continental engagement, the Abakwa Boys refused to take themselves beyond their region; a remarkable sense of humility and efficient management. They played the regional pre-season tournament with regional championship teams and have continued to train in their big Mankon ground. At the close of a recent board meeting, we gathered that the team is nursing ambitions to construct a sports center. With a huge budget of over 110M, a new team bus, a creative and super active media team, PWD Bamenda will no doubt be the envy of many in Cameroon and beyond. The club is currently presenting their new season squad on their social media platforms; an uncommon action around clubs in Cameroon. 

Vision Sports FC

The lone top tier women's football team in the region has been consistent with efforts to shine the light on women's football in the country. Training regularly at the St Paul Comprehensive High School field in Nkwen, Vision Sports still dreams of a women's championship title. On the day of our visit, Coach Festus and Dingha were taking the women on ball control and distant shooting. They were visibly very excited as they executed every task handed to them. Their coaches hope they can grab the title or the cup this season. Exceptionally, not all the girls are for training on our visiting day. "Some of them are students and have gone to school." Coach Dingha tells this reporter. They will be engaging the services of other young women from across the country in an effort to meet their ambitions. 

Foncha Street FC 
A recent decision by the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) rehabilitated the team into the Elite Two Championship. This has given the team leadership an opportunity to restructure with the hope of doing better than they did last season. Since qualification in 2019, the team has been under the single handed leadership of Moh David as team chief executive. In 2022, the team now has a board. Coach Soh Simplice has been handed the Coaching job with a challenge he says is to maintain the club and if possible they can get a title. The team prides self with an active media division that has been occupying social media space with the presentation of team recruits. According to Murum Divine, one of the club officials, they must work hard to set professional standards because this will go along way to build the team's image locally and internationally. Amonsgt the many plans, constructing a training stadium is featuring prominently. 

Rangers FC Bafut 
The winner of the North West Regional pre-season tournament is a new comer into the Elite cycles in the country. After putting up a top class performance at the 2021 interpools in Bafoussam, Rangers FC Bafut has continued a drive towards taking the Elite Two Championship by surprise this season. Apart from the hard times the club under coach Anumewa Franklin gave opponents during the tournament, Rangers has continued to make things difficult for both elite and regional teams in friendlies as the countdown to the season opening continues. Suh George, the club President has demonstrated in more ways than one his desire to help his men leave an impression in their first participation in the Elite Two Championship. Neba Jerome, the team's media officer earlier published the supporters jerseys an indication of the clubs determination to take everyone long. 
Despite the lack of qualify infrastructure, teams in the region, clubs and their fans still believe that they can make a strong showing like they have done before.

Apart from elite and women clubs, clubs to participate in the regional championships are also intensifying preparations. 
Rainbow FC, Hilltop Strikers, Bafmeng United, Option Sport took part in the pre-season tournament. Others like Kumbo strikers didn't take part in the tournament but have been involved in friendlies. With the several friendlies, clubs from the North West can only be expected at the top at the end of the season. 

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