FECAFOOT NW: dark cloud as peace seems further away

By Bakah Derick 

There are signs that peace may still be far from returning to the regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) for the North West slightly above two months after the elections that saw incumbent maintain his office though  standing without opposition. 
Ivo Chi and Mbigha Felix 

Though Hilltopvoices understands that there were standoffs before and during the regional league elections just like the national that saw the elections of Samuel Eto'o Fils at the helm of FECAFOOT, there are signs that all is not yet well at the regional football house. 

Away from the divisions that still seem to be rocking the place after election choices, there are indications that disagreements are beginning to surface on work issues. 
In a message Hilltopvoices stumble on this Wednesday, Chi Ivo, Club Promoter and a staunch supporter of Samuel Eto'o Fils has made a call out on the Mbigha Felix led administration on the stadium issue in the region. Hear him 

"Dear Mr Felix MBIGHA North West President Fecafoot, Bamenda needs a Stadium not maintaining the old one with synthetic from Holland. With PWD & Yongsport playing in the Elite one , Foncha Street & Bafut in Elite 2 it's an obligation to have a real football Stadium in Bamenda." Ivo Chi wrote. 

We have not been able to get to Ivo Chi for clarification but it seems there are plans to continue the rehabilitation works at the old stadium on the recommendation of the Mbigha regime  something Chi seems to disagree with. 

Ivo Chi's statement which reflects disappointment goes on to state that "We supported a newly elected president that is willing and capable to make that happen as I know his intentions so go for it Mr. President. Bamenda will never have another Fai Collins in the national team without good stadiums in that region open your eyes." 

Ivo Chi it should be recalled effectively submitted his candidature for the post of President for FECAFOOT NW but withdraw a few days to elections. He later declared his support for North West football indicating that he will continue to do so as he has always done.