Opinion: Dr Nick Ngwanyam makes "prophetic" declarations for 2022

2022 by Dr Nick Ngwanyam, St Louis

This shall be a special year in the history of Cameroon. 

A lot shall change for the BETTER. 
Dr Nick Ngwanyam 

*The WAR shall END*. 
West and East Cameroon shall be created.
Two capital cities shall see the light of day  coming with the earth like mushrooms. 
In West Cameroon between  BACHOU and Widikum.
In East Cameroon at Ebebda along the River Sanaga.
These areas shall be mapped out.
Pieces of land shall be given out for next to NOTHING for people who are ready to build immediately  following some master plans.
Remember that West Cameroon shall be decentralised into NW and SW Regions. 
East Cameroon shall decentralise into 8 regions.

The Presidency shall rotate between Anglophones and Francophones every 10 years.

Governors and SDOs shall no longer be appointed but elected.

ENAM SHALL BE CLOSED because they have been the source of bad governance which added to the marginalization, have engeneered the war.

 The curriculum for training administrators is very limited in scope and not adapted for the modern Cameroon. 

*They lack skills in development, wealth creation and economic growth. They carry around a huge hammer and everything else in sight is a nail.*

 Corruption in Cameroon Can never be reduced if ENAM is not buried.

WE have to reduce government spending and the money 'rethrived  is directed to STEM EDUCATION, skills transfer, health and agriculture. 

THE CURRENT SCHOOL SYSTEMS in Anglophone and Francophone schools shall be buried in favour of a new school system copied from South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, Japan and Finland.

What we have now as education practiced for the last 60 years is called deceit. I mean a scam.
Grammar schools and technical colleges must fuse into comprehensive colleges. The universities must change to technology.

330 political parties shall crash as the CPDM moves from the extreme Right towards the Centre position forcing the SDF and MRC to adopt major changes as the wind shall be knocked off out of their sails.

Those of the beggarly presidential majority shall just die and disappear.
Only 5 parties shall be left standing.

Hate speech shall disappear when MERIT,excellence and problem solving capacities  become the basis for choosing directors.

If you have been depending on tribal connections and favoritism for bread then it is time to reskill.

Other areas from which money shall be recovered are senate, economic and social council, BILINGUALISM and Living together commission as well as some ministries and organisations that are duplicated with budgets and no results on the ground for years. State cars are a huge waste.

The wars we fight and kill ourselves in are uncalled for.
*I shall explain on TV how bad politics, bad ECONOMICS, bad development and a poor education start and maintain wars, violence and hate speech*. 

The WAR we shall jointly be fighting is to correct these elements so as to eventually get an economic and technology driven independence.  
*How do we solve youth problems?*
How do we put money into the pocket of youths? How do we make them productive and responsible?

The magic starts from January 2022 and Cameroon shall become the best country in Africa beating Rwanda, Ghana, Botswana and Tanzania because our vision shall change.


If you want to insult me, you are welcome. If you want to bless me, God shall be with you. 💕
*Merry Christmas to you and your family.* *Happy New Year if new beginnings 2022* ✝

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