AFCON 2021: Team Cameroon prepares with new FA SG, complex, bus,

By Bakah Derick

Players recently call up by the coach of Cameroon's national football team for the host nation's Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) campaign have been arriving camp since Monday 27 December 2021. The player's arrival has coincided with the appointment of the new Secretary General, arrival of the new transport facility for the team and  allocation of a new training base, 

The appointment of a Secretary General at the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) is the latest happening around the football governing body as players begin camping.  Being the day-to-day manager of FECAFOOT affairs including the national team, Benjamin Didier Banlock appointed  on lion's first day in camp by the emergency committee of the football association (FA) becomes the new man to supervise the provision of goods and services for the lions.

Benjamin Didier returns to an office he masters well. Though with many challenges, he receives credit for the successful  preparation and participation of team Cameroon  during the Africa Nations Champions (CHAN) when he was Secretary General under immediate past president of the FA Seidou Mbombo Njoya. Banlock returns to a house he has full knowledge of and will be expected to put many things straight. He takes over from Parfait Siki who served as interim Secretary General until Monday 27 December 2021. 

The players already in the country have taken residence in the new sports complex constructed along the Nsimalen international airport road on the outskirts of Yaounde. With personalised doors, two standard training fields, well made walk ways, Tunis cords and other facilities, this will be the first time Cameroon will be preparing AFCON on the facility owned by Cameroon's taxation department. Before this move, the lions have regularly lodged at Mont Febe Hotel when in Yaounde and SAWA when in Douala. 

Hilltopvoices has gathered that the new indomitable lions bus has been acquired by the recently elected president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) Samuel Eto'o Fils. Though no officials statement has been made on the new facility, the pan Africa sports news site with sources at the football house and others have reported that the FA President offered the bus to the indomitable lions. 

The SG, the bus and training base adds to the new FA boss Samuel Eto'o Fils who is yet to make a month in office. It is the first training camp of the indomitable lions since he became President of FECAFOOT. The recent changes have been largely linked to the new FA boss.