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Bamenda City Council: Ndumu Vincent Nji resurfaces at Neukwe of HRH Fon Forchesiri ll.

By Bakah Derick  The former Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council has appeared in public practically for the first time since the closure and transformation of his office. Ndumu Vincent Nji was spotted by Hilltopvoices during the Neukwe of HRH Fon Forchesiri II on Wednesday 29 December 2021. This was the first public event he was attending since leaving office.  The bonafide son of Bamendakwe and Notable was spotted with dark glasses, a huge traditional regalia Toghu together with his wife at the esplanande of the Bamendakwe Fon's Palace where many have assembled to celebrate the life of their ruler Fon Forchesiri II.  While his disappearance maybe linked to his leaving office, this cannot also be unconnected to the ongoing armed conflict in the region. The senior civil engineer who is said to own a construction company Hilltopvoices gathered is now seen often in the sea side resort town of Limbe from where he operates.  Unlike his former colleague of the Limb

Bamendankwe: Rare culture and tradition in display at "Neukwe" of HRH Fon Forchesiri ll.

By Nfor Nkfu The people of Bamendankwe, a Fondom in Mezam division of the North West region of Cameroon have begun showcasing their rich cultural and traditional heritage in a rare event known locally as 'Neukwe'.The fiesta baptized Neukwe Forchesiri ll is in honor of late Monarch Fon Forsuh Forchesiri ll who ruled the Fobdom from 1932 to 1989. HRH Fon Forchesiri lll,the reigning monarch and son of the late Fon is presiding over the once in a lifetime event as traditional ruler, taking place at the Bamendankwe Fon's palace. "Neukwe is the official mourning of a Fon who has 'travelled' to the land of his ancestors and the commemoration of the coming of age of a reigning Fon", the event's Communications team told Hilltopvoices. HRH Forchesiri lll, reigning monarch of  Bamendankwe. It is held only once during the reign of each Fon of Bamendankwe. Normal traditional practice in the locality holds that a sitting Fon can only organise the

AFCON 2021Countdown D-day-10: Groups and their host cities, stadiums

By Bakah Derick  Group A no doubt will be home to host nation Cameroon. Instead of the emblematic Mfandena stadium, the Indomitable lions will run their group stage campaign in the new Olembe Stadium. Though still located in Yaounde, the five times African Champions hope to get something better than a final ticket on home soil after the 1972 experience. Cameroon will play in the Olembe alongside Burkina Faso, Cape Verde and Ethiopia. The group will set the stage for the tournament on the evening of January 9, 2021 when Cameroon takes on Burkina Faso. Later that evening Ethiopia and Cape Verde will clash in a fixture each one of them hopes to win as not to hang their fate on the host nation. Ethiopian coach Wubetu Abate says he hopes to move beyond the group stages yet Cameroon is one team he considers difficult to overcome.  Olembe Stadium in Yaounde  Aliou Cissé will be leading Senegal to the outskirt of the West Regional capital Bafoussam for their group B campaign. Toget

BBC 100 Women 2021: Bamenda's Sevidzem Ernestine lone Cameroonian listed.

By Bakah Derick Sevidzem Ernestine Leikeki has been named amongst 100 women recognised by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for creating lasting change through her work. The Women Empowerment and Environment Officer at the Bamenda based not-for-profit nongovernmental organisation Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) and doubles as founding member of the organisation was announced laureate on December 7, 2021. Though a multiple award winner, Sevidzem Ernestine describes the award as a surprise.  Sevidzem Ernestine and other other laureate   "This award came to me as a surprise and I think that it recognises the work we do as a community not as me alone and this is a big challenge for what is ahead. I think that it is going to be more hard work, it is going to be a more holistic approach to the various challenges that we have around us and the environment. With this too, the voices of the local woman and the voices of local civil society organisations

The Resilient Project: IMSSRAD trains on transformational livelihood

By Bakah Derick  The Information Management and Support Services for Rural and Agricultural Development (IMSSRAD) has organised a two days workshop on transformational livelihood. The workshop from the 28-29 December 2021 in the Bamenda III Municipality according to IMSSRAD's Director Toh Sylvester is to help those in neighbourhoods around Bamenda III to understand that "they can conduct income generating activities on their own and become financially independent and resilience." For those already in business, the workshop is to assist them "improve their management skills and entrepreneurial abilities especially of women."  Part view of workshop Participants  The Resilient  project according to the IMSSRAD leader is born out of the economic hardship many have been subjected to as a result of the ongoing armed conflict in the North West Region of Cameroon. With many internally displaced persons now integrating neighbourhoods in the municipality, impr

AFCON 2021: City dwellers indifferent as banners fly in Bamenda after Mola's visit

By Bakah Derick  Banners announcing the 33rd edition  of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) now fly on major streets in Bamenda. The banners that appeared on the streets during the early hours of Monday 27 December 2021 indicate that AFCON is here.  AFCON banner at mile two Nkwen City dwellers have however remained indifferent describing both the visit of the mascot and the flying of banners as non-events.  "I saw the banners this morning just like I saw in TV that the mascot was in Bamenda. For me it doesn't represent anything because the matches will not be played here. The matches will be played in Cameroon but our town has nothing except this banner and visit of the mascot." John Ngeh a football fan said  "What does the banner represent? It this what we deserve? I have nothing to say than to wish the participating teams good luck." Yvonne Nyuyki said  Heavily guarded mascot in Bamenda  The reaction look same to that which welcomed the official tournament masc

AFCON 2021: Team Cameroon prepares with new FA SG, complex, bus,

By Bakah Derick Players recently call up by the coach of Cameroon's national football team for the host nation's Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) campaign have been arriving camp since Monday 27 December 2021. The player's arrival has coincided with the appointment of the new Secretary General, arrival of the new transport facility for the team and  allocation of a new training base,  The appointment of a Secretary General at the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) is the latest happening around the football governing body as players begin camping.  Being the day-to-day manager of FECAFOOT affairs including the national team, Benjamin Didier Banlock appointed  on lion's first day in camp by the emergency committee of the football association (FA) becomes the new man to supervise the provision of goods and services for the lions. Benjamin Didier returns to an office he masters well. Though with many challenges, he receives credit for the successful  preparation and part

No to Bushfires: CAMGEW schools Oku-Kilum-Ijim Forest area Children in cuuses, consequences and prevention

By Bakah Derick  The Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) has ended an environmental education session targeting children in Oku particularly around the protected Kilum-Ijim Forest area.  Partial view of the Children in training  The session on the 17th of December 2021 brought together 26 community children (10 boys and 16 girls) with focus on Bushfires with specific attention on causes,  consequences and prevention.   The interactive program permitted the children to identify causes of bushfires amongst them, burning of farms through slash-and-burn method (ankara), burning of bushes to hunt animals, poor harvesting of honey, smoking in and around the forest and burning of vegetation to get new grass for animals. According to the Children, they were able to name these because they see it happen in their community.  CAMGEW representatives then elaborated more on the causes following their mastery of the subject on the ground.  "We have learned that bushfire c

2022 par Dr Nick Ngwanyam, St Louis

Google Translation  *2022 par Dr Nick Ngwanyam, St Louis* 25 12 21 Ce sera une année particulière dans l'histoire du Cameroun. Beaucoup de choses vont changer pour le MIEUX. *La GUERRE doit TERMINER*. Le Cameroun occidental et oriental sera créé. .deux capitales verront le jour venir avec la terre comme des champignons. A l'Ouest Cameroun entre BACHOU et Widikum. Dans l'Est du Cameroun à Ebebda le long de la rivière Sanaga. Ces zones seront cartographiées. .des parcelles de terrain seront cédées pour presque RIEN aux personnes prêtes à construire immédiatement après certains plans directeurs. La présidence alternera entre anglophones et francophones tous les 10 ans. .les gouverneurs et les SDO ne seront plus nommés mais élus. ENAM DEVRA ÊTRE FERMÉ car ils ont été la source d'une mauvaise gouvernance qui, ajoutée à la marginalisation, a engendré la guerre. .Le programme de formation des administrateurs a une portée très limitée et n'est pas adapté au Came

Opinion: Dr Nick Ngwanyam makes "prophetic" declarations for 2022

2022 by Dr Nick Ngwanyam, St Louis This shall be a special year in the history of Cameroon.  A lot shall change for the BETTER.  Dr Nick Ngwanyam  *The WAR shall END*.  West and East Cameroon shall be created. Two capital cities shall see the light of day  coming with the earth like mushrooms.  In West Cameroon between  BACHOU and Widikum. In East Cameroon at Ebebda along the River Sanaga. These areas shall be mapped out. Pieces of land shall be given out for next to NOTHING for people who are ready to build immediately  following some master plans. Remember that West Cameroon shall be decentralised into NW and SW Regions.  East Cameroon shall decentralise into 8 regions. The Presidency shall rotate between Anglophones and Francophones every 10 years. Governors and SDOs shall no longer be appointed but elected. ENAM SHALL BE CLOSED because they have been the source of bad governance which added to the marginalization, have engeneered the war.  The curriculum for training a

No to Bushfires: How to communicate for better prevention and management

  By Bakah Derick    Preventing or managing bushfires requires a good communication strategy. While organisations with the competences like Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) are engaging from several fronts including communication and sensitisation, community leaders and other stakeholders will require to also communicate effectively at this time. When we contacted our consultant Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy, Director of CAMGEW on ways of communication at this time he suggested the following  There is need for organisation of training workshops, seminars, sensitization in social and cultural groups by key bushfire actors and concerned individuals and institutions like CAMGEW.  Radio talks targeting communities with potentials of bushfires must be regular during this period. Communities and organisations can also product and distribute bushfire posters/flyers, booklets, Forest signpost for sensitisation The community needs to make use of the Town Criers for information and sensit

North West Regional Assembly: Councillors get Micro projects grant at last

By Bakah Derick  Councillors of the North West Regional Council will from 2022 have the capacity to execute some micro projects within their respective constituencies. The information is contained as one of four deliberations voted during the first ever budgetary session of the Council from the 20-22 December 2021.  North West Regional Assembly in session According to the deliberation, the Councillors will receive the sum of 3MFCFA which will permit them to execute some projects within their communities.  In Cameroon, only members of parliament have a right to micro projects grant. For regional councillors, this is a novelty which has been largely welcomed though considered small. "I am happy we have this opportunity. Sincerely when I was running for regional councillor, this was my wish. I think the money is small but it is better than nothing. I hope in future it will be added." A councillor said.  "Bring in office as a regional Councillor, I am expected to

North West Regional Assembly: NW Dry port idea resurrected

By Bakah Derick  The idea of a dry port for the North West  has resurfaced again in Bamenda. Talks on the issue came as a deliberation during the first ever budgetary session of the North West Regional Assembly from the 20-22 December 2021.  North West Regional Assembly in seesion In one of four deliberations read during the session was a proposal for studies on the posiblities for a dry port in the North West Region.  According to the commissioner for Economy and Planning Gejung Awunti, this is a possible and necessary project for the region.  "The benefit to the region is that we access to certain revenues, we have transfer of technology which will enable us to carry this function, jobs that will be created and of course efficiency for the local business man." He said  Under the control of customs services, people in the region will be able to receive and send goods here without travelling to Douala he explained.  The proposal received a 100 per cent vote from t

North West Regional Assembly: Business as usual as Vice President remains in captivity

By Bakah Derick  For three days of deliberations, It was an empty seat (throne as the case maybe) of the vice president of the North West Regional Council that stood beside the President as he chaired the first ever budgetary session of the institution from the 20-22 December 2021.  North West Regional Assembly executive chairing session without the vice president  HRH Fon Yakum Kevin who also doubles as President of the North West House of Chiefs was a bducted on December 7, 2021,  from his Bambalang palace and has  not been seen.  The deliberations went on till the closing event before the President of the Council mentioned the abduction stating that his institution was working in collaboration with the state to ensure that he ragains freedom.  Voice notes have circulated indicating that the Fon was abducted by non state armed groups operating in his village Bambalang.  The session however went on to adopt 3.538bn FCFA as the budget of the council for 2022. 

FECAFOOT: Samuel Eto'o to chair first Executive Committee meeting at the helm today

  By Bakah Derick The recently elected president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) is expected to chair the first executive committee meeting of the football governing body today. Samuel Eto'o Fils FECAFOOT President  Elected on Saturday 11 December 2021, Samuel Eto'o Fils meets with his executive committee for the first time 11 days later.  Speaking to Equinox TV, Henry Njalla said the EXCOM meeting will be to rollout the new plan for the FA and get to work. He admitted that the challenge is huge and they must not fail. He invited all Cameroonians and football lovers in particular to contribute in their respective ways to ensure the renaissance of Cameroon Football.  The FECAFOOT strongman and his team will be expected to send out defining resolutions at the close of today's executive committee amonsgt which could be the appointment of the Secretary General of the FA as well as departmental heads.  Samuel Eto'o Fils in sky blue with

Bamenda City Council: Board meeting set plans to combat fires in markets

By Bakah Derick  Members of the Bamenda City Council board have expressed concerns over the recurrent fire incidence in markets around the city area. The concerns were raised during the budgetary session of the City Council on Tuesday 21 December 2021.   Councillors in session... photo by While identifying the most recent case being the November 2021 fire incident at the Nkwen Market that claimed several shops, the board members reflected on better ways to prevent the sad incidence from occurring in 2022.  From the suggestions made, the standout and adopted point was the purchase and installation of smoke detectors in vonelable areas of the City like markets.  Several fire incidents have been reported across the city in the last years with much of it blamed on poor electrification. Poor storage of inflamable liquids have also been mentioned as one of the catalyst.  4.3bn has been adopted during the session as the budget for 2022. 

Bamenda City Council: Board meeting blames waste crisis on subdivisional council

By Bakah Derick  The executive board of the Bamenda City Council has blamed poor waste management in the city on the three subdivisional councils in the council area.  The Bamenda I, II, and III Councils received the blame during the budgetary session of the City Council on Tuesday 21 December 2021 in Bamenda.  Photo by drayinfo of Mayor Paul Achobong speaking during the session  When members of the board raised concerns over poor waste collection and disposal in the city, the administrative arm of the board led by Mayor Paul Achobong indicated that waste disposal has been a major challenge. Collection he said is not the problem but the dump or disposal site is.  According to the the city Mayor, the three councils that makeup the city area were suppose to provide the dump site but unfortunately have not all done so.  The collection and management company HYSACAM has had their truck burnt, workers kidnapped and tortured by non state armed groups during the discharge of their dut

No to Bushfires: Who should be involved

By Bakah Derick  One of the measure tools in bushfire prevention and management is the identification of stakeholders. These are the people or institutions that can make decisions that will enhance the fight against bushfires. Their decisions can facilitate sensitization, community engagement as well as handling defaulters.   Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy Director of Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) first from left after a bushfire incident  With several years of working around the Kilum-Ijim forest area, our environmental protection consultant Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy Director of Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) has identified the following as community stakeholders in the bushfire prevention and management process.  The traditional administration represented by Kwifon/Fon respected and feared by community members,  Municipal council represented by the Mayor and councilors elected by the community members and consequently can be listened to The Ministry

No to Bushfires: Why we must be on the watch now

By Bakah Derick  This is the time of the calender year when bushfires are common. Vegetation is getting dry and intensive farming will resume soon. It is therefore important to be on the watch now so as to minimise the occurrence of bushfire.  According to Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW)  bushfires mostly occur during public holidays when people are resting at home, on weekends when forest people are attending other festive events, on traditional resting days (kontri Sunday) when forest people respect their traditional days by staying home and on Fridays or Sundays when there is religious services.  "Records of bushfires in Kilum-Ijim forest have proven this. On 11th February 2014 during National Youth Day when everyone was in the celebration ground in Elak – Oku fire emerged from a farm close to the forest at Nchiiy Community Forest and got into the forest. Before community members could leave the ceremonial ground to go home and change their attire and

FECAFOOT Elections: North West delegates suffering threats over election choices

By Bakah Derick  North West Delegates to the 2021 elective general assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) are said to be under serious threats.  Hilltopvoices has gathered that messages and pictures are currently circulating on social media messaging applications suggesting that North West delegates moved away from positions they were expected to stay unto.  While others are accusing the delegates for voting Samuel Eto'o the winner of the elections, others say they voted Seidou Mbombo Njoya.  Some of the messages Hilltopvoices has claim that the delegates from the North West received money to the tune of 1MFCFA from the the candidate they turned their backs to with a firm request for a refund.  On the eve of elections, Hilltopvoices must establish that the delagates could not be reached on phone. No justification of their unavailability has been made public but it is either their phones were jammed or collected. We cannot confirm who did.  We are gather

Bamenda III Council: Councillors commit to development, vote 638M budget for 2022

By Bakah Derick  Councillors of the Bamenda III Council have again reiterated their commitment to ensure the development of the municipality is on the right path. The Councillors maintained their path towards participatory and sustainable development on Wednesday 15 December 2021 during the budgetary session of the Council.  Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe addressing the session  Committees including that of finance presented reports that celebrate transparent and participatory management of Council affairs.  In separated conversations with Hilltopvoices, Deputy Mayor Ndzelen Margaret, Councillor Lucas Ngu Afong who doubles as the deputy Mayor of the city council, Assobo Mbuya chairperson of the finance committee, Councillor Geroge Muforza chairperson of the works and transport committee,  Toh Sylvester, Azinue Ngufor  of the finance committee all speak of their desire to work tirelessly for the development of Bamenda III municipality.  Partial view of Councillors in s

Cameroon Armed Conflict: Bamenda III Council endorses IMSSRAD resilient project

By Bakah Derick  The executive director of the Bamenda based not-for-profit nongovernmental organisation Information Management and Support Services for Rural Agricultural Development (IMSSRAD) has announced that the Bamenda III Council area shall host the first phase of the resilience project.  Sylvester Toh, Executive Director IMSSRAD The Resilience Project lead  Sylvester Toh was speaking on Wednesday 15 December 2021 during the budgetary session of the Bamenda III Council whose Mayor and Councilor unanimously praised IMSSRAD's leader for efforts being made by his organisation to assist the council meet the needs of those in the municipality.  Supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Cameroon, the project aims at "assisting crisis prone neighbourhoods in the Bamenda III Council area of the North West Region to bounce back from shocks and stress and become more resilient."  Partial view of Council session  Talking to Hilltopvoi

Nkwen Market fire incident: traders pickup pieces in tears

By Bakah Derick After the fire incident that consumed shops at the Nkwen Market on Tuesday 30 November 2021, traders have begun reconstructing their shops.  Burnt part of Nkwen Market under construction "My brother we cannot continue crying. When crying be moving. That is what you people say right." Caro said as she observes the construction of her shop.  The builders are busy raising a building with several shops. The shops consumed by the fire were made of corrugated iron sheet. Today a building of mud bricks and cement is being raised by a team with a timeline. The builders have a week to finish while the traders count on different sources of finances to get goods for their shops.  "I was able to get a small loan plus small savings. I hope to stock some goods before Christmas. My hope is that our landlord will be able to push so the builders finish in about a week." Caro adds. location under construction just after the fire incident  Like