Bamendankwe: Rare culture and tradition in display at "Neukwe" of HRH Fon Forchesiri ll.

By Nfor Nkfu

The people of Bamendankwe, a Fondom in Mezam division of the North West region of Cameroon have begun showcasing their rich cultural and traditional heritage in a rare event known locally as 'Neukwe'.The fiesta baptized Neukwe Forchesiri ll is in honor of late Monarch Fon Forsuh Forchesiri ll who ruled the Fobdom from 1932 to 1989.
HRH Fon Forchesiri lll,the reigning monarch and son of the late Fon is presiding over the once in a lifetime event as traditional ruler, taking place at the Bamendankwe Fon's palace.

"Neukwe is the official mourning of a Fon who has 'travelled' to the land of his ancestors and the commemoration of the coming of age of a reigning Fon", the event's Communications team told Hilltopvoices.
HRH Forchesiri lll, reigning monarch of  Bamendankwe.

It is held only once during the reign of each Fon of Bamendankwe. Normal traditional practice in the locality holds that a sitting Fon can only organise the Neukwe of his father when one of his son's born on the leopard skin has attained the age of firing a dane gun- between 12 and 15 years old, Hilltopvoices gathered.

It should be noted that, the occasion which is usually characterised by heavy gunshots is taking place  void of any gunfiring due to the raging separatist armed conflict in the region.
Full of cultural display and performance of traditional rites, the Neukwe of HRH  Fon Forchesiri ll, one of the most important communal events in Bamendankwe , which kick-started on December 28th ,2021 will end on the 2nd of January 2022.

Enter Bamendankwe.
Like most Fondoms in the North West region of Cameroon, the people of Bamendankwe trace their roots to the Tikars.Oral History as narrated by the chairman of the Fondom's traditional council reveals that they migrated from Manda near Bankim in Adamawa region.For well over 200years, they travelled through Akongwa,Ndongfu,Kom and first settled down hill near Nkwen.In around 1902 they moved to the present site, today hosting the administrative headquarters of the North West region.The Fondom has as niegbours, Nkwen, Mankon,Bambui,Bambili, and Akum.