Ranger FC Bafut: Team Press Officer Appointed

By Bakah Derick

The Herald Tribune Newspaper bureau chief and Cam10 TV Chief Correspondent for the North West has been appointed the Team Press Officer of the recently promoted Elite Two side Rangers FC Bafut. 
Neba Jerome Media Officer Rangers FC

In a statement signed by the club's President, Neba Jerome will now "be in charge of all information in relation to the team and media organs." 

Neba George made public his decision during the evening hours of Saturday 2 October 2021. 

I will start by saying I am happy ..... On the other hand, the task ahead is a heavy and challenging one but I am not going to work alone. My brother Nji Nelson and other TPOs who are more knowledgeable about this new office I am in now will give more better ideas for the betterment of football" Neba Jerome told Hilltopvoices

The Passionate sports reporter who shares the same municipality of origin with the team, earned the appointment after reporting on the team as a reporter since creation. He has however responded to those who see his appointment beyond his competence. 

"Seeing my appointment as tribalism as other people baptised it, I will just say football ⚽ is round. I wish God Almighty show me the right path to follow so that I used the right words at the right place and time for a great purpose."

He accompanied the team for all games in the West region during the National Interpools and was amongst the few reporters from the region to do so. 

With the potentials to create an offset during their Elite Two campaign, Neba Jerome will have much to grapple with as media attention on the team is likely to increase 

The role which is not common or given due attention in many clubs across Cameroon, managing media outings for Coaches, players and other officials could constitute a challenge for the growing roporter. 

With the years put in already in sports reporting, Jerome certainly understans the challenge ahead.