National Interpools 2020/2021: That North West vs South West final is here as West bows out

By Bakah Derick en route to Bamendzi 

After disappointingly deciding their fate before their home supporters in loosing their first game and drawing the second, Riziere de Tonga has successfully set the stage for that long awaited North West and South West determining class. 
Best Stars of Limbe ahead of their draw with Riziere 

With three points obtained from humbling Riziere at home 0-2 on day one, Rangers FC Bafut are currently commanding Pool C from the top. They are followed by South West representatives Best Stars Academy that squeezed a point from "wounded" Riziere de Tonga eliminated.  

With Rangers FC to take on Best Stars this Friday in Bamendzi, it is clear it will be nothing short of the Pool'sfinal as the winner directly qualifies. This is the option Best Stars of Limbe have. 


For the Bafut "missionaries", they will need a draw. I certainly will not call it just a draw  because it is not just a draw. That draw that puts you on the podium cannot be just. Playing against a seemingly highly motivated Best Stars of Limbe getting a point will not be easy to come by for Rangers FC. 
Coming from the South West region that has gone for many years without a feel of elite football, all hands are on deck to ensure Best Stars doesn't return empty handed like their sister team PWD of Kumba did during the last edition of the Interpools in Bertoua. 

The theatre will be the Bamendzi stadium that has become home to many North West football fans. They have accompanied PWD Bamenda in that stadium to qualify for the Cameroon Cup finals. This will no doubt be home to them and certainly Rangers FC. For Best Stars, it will be a matter of over coming away game fear and face Rangers FC with top class determination.