FECAFOOT Elections: Chi's candidacy still uncertain as Seidou, Eto'o take first steps

By Bakah Derick

The candidacy of Bamenda boy Chi Ivo has remained a subject of debate after the electoral commission of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) last September 9, 2021 made public the list of candidates for the posts of board members of divisional football leagues across the country and divisional delegates to the regional leagues assembly. 
In a not too surprising move, no list was published from all seven divisions of the North West Region. Afterall in what can be described as an under achievement, those who were to organise the divisional league like elsewhere find it comforting explaining with a strange satisfaction that there was no league even in Mezam where the entire regional championship has been played. 

The divisional list was where many observers of North West Football expected to see the name of the lone aspirant from the region begin his journey to the top.

 This has not been the case for Chi Ivo unlike his potential challengers Samuel Eto'o and Seidou Mbombo Njoya whose names clearly featured in the divisional lists as delegates to the regional league assembly. While Eto'o Fils Samuel featured in a highly contested list from the Sanaga Maritime division with three other delegates to run for election, Mbombo Seidou; incumbent comes from the Noun Division in a list that is likely to make it to the regional level with ease. 

With Campaign material of Chi Ivo already circulating online though he is still to make an official statement or confirm if the flyer is from him, it is likely the Bamenda boy will need to seek other options to intergrate the electoral list as delegate to the federal general assembly should he still has ambitions for the FA top job. 
After owning, promoting and managing a football club in the region for many years, he is eligible to run for the executive committee as clearly indicted in  article 36-1 of the new statutes of the FA. However, according to article 36-2, it is certain he may need to seek the endorsement of five delegates to either the regional league or federal general assemblies if  he still has the interest to be member of the executive committee of the FA before looking at the seat of authority. 
Chi Ivo's Club Grassland FC

Can Chi get support from his region? 

This will be a complicated question to answer mindful of recent developments and information at the disposal of this commentator. Information at our disposal indicate that  Chi played a vital role in the "enthronement" of the current leadership of the FA regional league but as at this moment, the relationship with the system has crumbled except otherwise. We are no longer certain if the current leadership of FECAFOOT NW can endorse the candidature of Chi Ivo following the ruptured nature of their union. Notwithstanding, but for electoral manipulation most often influenced by finances, all six delegates from the region to the federal general assembly (Article 23-2g) have the right to freely make their choices and could still endorse Chi if they so desire. 

Is there a way out? 

Certainly Yes. With article 36-2 not specific of where the delegates can come from, it is clear that if Chi Ivo can have five delegates to the federal general assembly randomly from across the country endorse his bid for the top job, then he is fit to go. 
After missing out at the division unlike other contenders for the FA Chieftain and more likely the region, one will not be surprise therefore if he emerges at the top...

Meanwhile we continue to monitor how delegates from the North West shall eventually be designated for the federal general assembly. 

Chi Ivo in brief

Born in Limbe to parents from Nkwen and Mankon, CHI Ivo is the Founder, Promoter and CEO if Smart Sports Agency, Football Manager, Player Argent, a Bundesliga certisfied Referee, accomplished professional football coach licensed by UEFA, most recently he became co-owner of Austrian top flight side Kufstein FC. 

Interestingly, the legal mind certified in Law could eventually be running against Samuel Eto'o whom he has worked with as legal adviser for years now.

It is key to add that Chi Ivo is the person who ensured that the lone player from the North West who currently play in the senior national team of Cameroon leave the country. This is no  doubt an uncommon achievement for North West Football mindful of the distance Fai Colins has covered this far. 
Chi Ivo and Fai Colins

Read more about him and his thoughts about Cameroon Football in this article we did in January 2014  CHI IVO, an asset for Cameroons Football Development.