Wimbum Community In Bamenda sow for Oneness even in death

By Nfor Nkfu and #BakakDerick in Bamenda

The people of the Wimbum tribe in Donga Mantung division of the the North West region resident in Bamenda under the banner of Wimbum Cultural and Development Association(WICUDA) have demonstrated their unreserved strong attachment to each other.This was in a rare event on Sunday 1st August 2021 at the open air arena of Blue Pearl hotel Bamenda. 

It was an occasion christened "nderlah" to feast and brainstorm on the way forward for Wimbum people.Thirty three villages that make up the tribe answered present.

According to Mr Njeba Festus Wawa, president of the Wimbum Community in Bamenda(WICUDA), it was a moment not only to demonstrate unity but to share progressive ideas. "We came here to commune, to think, look together, eat, drink and share ideas that can move Wimbum people ahead", said Mr Njeba.

"We are more united than what people think. Development starts with unity. We have achieved the first goal which is unity and development can now follow", he added.
Graced by four Fons from the Wimbum land and the National president of WICUDA Mr Shey Henry, the event saw the raising of funds for two projects already at hand-purchase of a bus to assist in transportation of corpses to the village in times of need and the reconstruction of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association's hall in Bamenda.
A colourful cultural manifestation with pump and pageantry graced the occasion.

The event will henceforth be annual following an announcement made by WICUDA president for Bamenda.

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