Bamenda Fashion Design: Top faces behind the rich mix in Bamenda

In Cameroon, Bamenda is one city where fashion designing blossoms. The variety of colours and designs emerging from different traditional backgrounds constitutes a huge fountain of inspiration for the many who have transformed the sector to a pleasant discovery to those who visit the city of Bamenda.

The city's fashion designers do not only produce their own concepts but can produce concepts from different parts of the world with the ever increasing types of available fabrics in the city markets. While some of the designers especially the older generation have elected to stay with the traditional system of measuring, sewing and delivery, the younger generation is creating their market both off and online with different types of designed outfits in their shops. Check out some of the eye catchy fashion designers selected for you across the city. Though it could cost a fortune, trying one of them will be close to assurance. 

Noni White Wears

This is one of the well known and established fashion designers in the city of Bamenda. His presence in almost every youth event has made his logo known by many. "We aim at bringing out the true African with our quality selected African attires giving you an exceptional touch." Noni White Wears states in their mission. Beginning from conception to production, Noni White Wears is behind several magnificiant wears with beautiful blend of colours produced in Bamenda. The multiple award winning fashion designer is himself a model and a Christian preacher. He wears his productions with pride and style. Trusting Noni White Wears with an idea can lead to an amazing wear. Try them and see for yourself. They are experienced enough not to be ignored. 

Sha-Sha designs

This is a designer with strong cultural or traditional affinities. Though doing none traditional designs, most of Sha-Sha' s designs have a strong presence of the attire of the grassfield people of Cameroon. Sha-Sha is celebrated for conceiving and producing exceptional ladies ceremonial and  party outfits with local fabric. Proud consumer of her own design, Sha-Sha designs has emerged over time as an authority in the fashion design industry not just in Bamenda their base but across Cameroon and the world through their very prominent social media platforms.

WhizzKliff Fashion 

Located almost at the entrance into the city, WhizzKliff designs is the designer that gives you a foretaste of what Bamenda fashion is made off as you enter Bamenda from finance junction via Ngen Junction. Known for producing the first sets of jackets with local fabric in Bamenda, WhizzKliff is transforming the sector with new ideas in picking, delivery and online services. His ability to design for both male and female with unexpected creations like beach wears is part of his uniqueness. The medical personel and owner of a modeling agency, WhizzKliff has been spotted more than once with Cameroon music star Stanley Enow.  We cannot confirm whether he designed for the star or they were relating as rappers. 

Amah Fashion House 


You will not pass his shop at the Bamenda main market without stopping. His imposing sample designs on display infront of his shop are sufficient to hold you back for a few minutes. His colours of choice are unique and speak of a designer with outstanding love for precision and quality. Though trying his hands in other business areas, Amah Bertrand the CEO of Amah Fashion shop has remained consistent with what now looks like his calling. He appears always conspicuous in public events most often because he attends them with his designs. Very friendly and easy going, Amah can be a good business partner or if you want your next designer. 

Ngah Kreative Designs. 

Recently seen with the movie star fondly called Granda Pa, Ngah Leonel promoter of Ngah Kreative Designs is a young and talented fashion designer in the city of Bamenda. We can't say with authority what the two were doing together but we can speculate that Ngah was the designer of the big white gown Grand Pa was wearing noting that Ngah is known for designing many of such. The award winning designer is fighting his way up with new designs. With his desire to go places, trying him will not be a bad idea. 

Kasmov Fashion


Located in one of Bamenda's business hubs; the food market, Kasmov Fashion is one of the youth develooment oriented businesses and fashion designing shops in the city. Established by Mbun Clovis from Momo division, the fashion shop has become a survival destination for many young people displaced by the armed conflict in the region where they gain skills in fashion designing. In his 20s, the promoter of Kasmov Fashion believes in what he calls people to people empowerment which enables him to ensure the respect for appointments with customers as well as quality and timely delivery. It will not be a bad idea to try him. 

Paddy Brown, Tele Podium, and Ajume... 

This is a generation of fashion designers "tailors" that can be rightfully classified as the god fathers of the Industry in Bamenda. They specialised in the fabrication of suits for male and female. For over 20years in the city, they have remained unmatched in the area. Paddy Brown located at Foncha Junction is a lover of productions with local fabric. He is said to have designed for many non-nationals and founded a group for fabric designers across the city. While suit master Tele Podium has remained loyal to his calling at mile two Junction, Ajume has chosen Ghana street as his location. He has been there for many years though changing buildings. We are yet to see their challengers in the designing of suits. They have trained many who today have either stayed with the same line or have developed their skills to what is now known as fashion designers.

Mmazi, Fon Yaya, Ndi Gerald, Chembu Elvis, and John Paul Bonghang 


For now Chembu Elvis is the only one with a tiltled place of work in this list. His Amazing Grace Fashion shop at Foncha Junction is  almost heading towards a vocational training center. He like others mentioned here have trained a  handfull of young men and women in what is generally referred to as tailoring. Some now prefer to identify as fashion designers with the basic dress making skills the have. They are the traditional general practitioners who still find time to make the njumper or ndan-chiki and what have you. They still contribute to make people dress well and look. They are also doing what fashion designers are doing at an acceptable level. 

SM Class, Keroso Designs, LK Fashion, Get it Fashion, Isimail Fashion, Velma African Fashion Design, Doris Fashion Design amongst others can be added to this list as time goes on. 


By Bakah Derick


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