Cameroon Agriculture:Tubah Council patronizes cultivation of cassava, maize, plantain others

By Hilltopvoices

Council has handed over farming tools to some farmers involved in the cultivation of highly consumed and transformable food stuff like cassava, potatoes,, maize, tomatoes and plantain.Handing over the tools on Thursday June 4, Mayor Tajong Martin Mosungong detailed that the items were destined for 20 farmers selected from Bambui, Bambili, Kedjom Keku and Kedjom Ketingoh being the four main villages in his municipality with five selected per village.

Tubah Council
Mayor Tanjong Martin addressing farmers

The tools he added include 10 wheel narrows, 10sprayers, 20 bowls(38litres each) and 20 hoes. Considering that  his population is  principally involved in agriculture, the municipal head noted that the times are hard but the farm still remains a destination for many of them. The farm he noted is one of the safest places to be and so they should continue working so as to ensure food supply for their families, municipality and beyond.

He has acknowledged the limited quantity distributed but has promised to ensure more is available during the the 2021 subdivisional agro pastoral show when he hopes the coronavirus pandemic would have given way for normalcy to return.

The farmers have expressed gratitude to Mayor Tanjong and the council for thinking of them at such a time as this. The say using the tools properly is the better way to say thank you. The yields they added will be proof of their appreciation.