The Cameroon’s Teacher’s Trade Union CATTU, the Cameroon Education for All Network CEFAM and other education stakeholders have express the need for the Government of Cameroon to increase the education investment budget.
The institutions and individuals made known their position during a one day workshop Friday April 27 as part of activities to mark the 2018 Global Action Week for Education. 
CATTU at Global Education Week Workshop
Amongst the presentations at the workshop was that on Education Financing which x-rayed the financing of education in Cameroon. According to the presenter Mukong Frederick Acha just slightly above FCFA 637 billion is allocated for Education (Basic and Secondary) in Cameroon with investments just around FCFA 64bn representing a percentage far less than that required by GPE. Admitting Cameroon’s education investment funds as low he added “the GPE recognizes that governments at least allocates 6% of their GDP to education and allocate 20% of their national budget for education but in Cameroon the figures are terribly low. Government needs to step up the financing of education otherwise we will stand in the same place.” 

The CATTU Secretary for International Affairs and Projects used his paper to recommend the creation of an Education Council and the institution of Education rates in Cameroon which will help government easily finance education in Cameroon. As to areas where education rates can be instituted Mukong Frederick noted “we think that government should tax luxurious products like beer and alcohol” which will permit government raise enough funds to finance education. With the understanding that some taxes in the country like Credit Foncier is already obsolete even CRTV tax, Mukong added that “government should abandon some of those taxes in favour of education rates.” On the possibility of the funds being embezzled as it is common in the country, the seasoned teacher argued that with an Education Council in place, the funds become state funds and the manager or director of the fund is accountable for the funds. Mukong maintained that education financing is a global concern around the world as we observe global action week particularly at this time when governments lack education funds all over the world.
Justifying the workshop, the Assistant National Executive Secretary General of CATTU noted that “this global campaign for education that was launched since the year 1999 has been ongoing but the context for this particular year for Cameroon is the one we are faced with the challenge of low return of pupils and students to schools.”  Kwasi Wilson added that “after putting up a new bureau, CATTU went round and the statistics we had in respective offices and departments indicated a very low return of pupils and students to schools and we took advantage of this global campaign week for this year 2018 and in partnership with CEFAN we thought we should do an activity here in the NW region so that we can spur education actors and respective stakeholders to allow our children enjoy their full right to education.” 

With presentations on accountability and citizens participation, advocacy, lobbying and negotiation strategies and responsible networking as presentations of the project it is expected according to the assistant SG of CATTU that more partnerships will be built amongst the stakeholders like Parents Teachers Associations, Local Development Authorities, for education in Cameroon. “We expect that the Seminar participants after this Seminar everybody in their own sphere will be able to callout for a more return of pupils and students to schools come September 2018.” 

Describing the initiative as lofty, the Inspector of Basic Education for Momo Division regretted that it comes at the time “when the Cameroon nation is in serious socio-political crisis especially in the NW and SW regions of the country, a crisis that has affected the education of our dear Cameroonian children greatly.” Gwayama Irene Fomukong who spoke on behalf of NW Regional Delegate for Secondary Education expressed the hope that the seminar outcome “will go a long way to impact on our citizenry and education stakeholders for a better education network for our country.” 

Organized with the theme “together for SDG 4”, CATTU hopes to contribute positively towards the promotion of the 2018 Global Action Week for Education.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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