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Senatorial elections day echoes from the NW

March 25 was a Sunday like no other in the NW like elsewhere in Cameroon as councilors took to the polls to vote for Cameroon’s Senators.

Breaking News: NW Governor bans Motorcycles on Senatorial Election Day

Hilltopvoices has just received a letter from the office of the Governor of the North West prohibiting the movement of motorcycles in the entire region this Sunday March 25.

African Dream and Value Health Africa Donate to Bamenda blood bank

A group of volunteers from a Bamenda based Not For Profit Nongovernmental Organisations NGO have donated blood to the blood bank of the Bamenda regional hospital. 

NW governor bans bikes in Batibo, Widikum, Balikumbat

The Governor of the North West region has suspended indefinitely the circulation of motorbikes in Batibo and Widikum Sundivisions in Momo Division and Balikumbat subdivision in Ngoketunjia Division.

Women urged to play role of peace makers in families and communities

Women who answered present at St Michael’s Parish Church Futru Nkwen as start of activities to mark the international women’s day have been urged to be the source of peace in their families and communities.

Tubah Mayor Tanjong Martin admits dismissal from the SDF! Sets plan to move on

The Mayor of the Tubah Council in Mezam division of the North West Region who became Mayor on the ticket of the Social Democratic Front SDF says he has been formally dismissed from the party; a move he is ready to respect to the latter. 

How Anglophones are increasingly becoming Angrily Happy with Night Curfews

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect HillTop Voices Bamenda's editorial stance. The Colbert Factor How Anglophones are increasingly becoming Angrily Happy with Night Curfews This reflection is inspired by the fact that although introduced as a form of collective punishment to boiling spots in Anglophone regions, many bona fide Southern Cameroonians, rather than having ill feelings, are beginning to be thankful to government for helping them recover a part of their lost culture that was being eroded by   overbearing influence of unregulated francophone night life. It is also inspired by the fact although the dust to dawn curfew kills other sectors of activity that flourish more in the night, this is more than compensated by the fact that more and more people are saving hard earned money as they are pushed back home earlier than later. It is the more informed by the fact that although before the imposition of nig

Installation Programme for Newly Appointed Ministers

How Journalists covering the protracted Anglophone crisis are increasingly finding themselves just One Door Away Hell.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect HillTop Voices Bamenda's editorial stance. This reflection is inspired by the fact that as the crisis in Anglophone Cameroon degenerates, journalists attempting to make sense of events are wrapped in a 'linguistically volatile' thicket when reporting news from these regions. It is also inspired by the fact that despite the existing of media bias for centuries, it seem to be of great concern now, as people on both sides of the divide turn to see bias in media content that disagrees with their views and see fairness in content that support them. It has reached a level that journalists covering the escalating crisis in Buea and Bamenda are experiences exactly the same bias crisis reporters covering the aged old Israeli/Palestinian conflict have been experiencing. Depending on which side the conflicting   see the report of the journalist, its like hell in Heaven or

Burkina Faso attack: Is Sahel military campaign working?

After Burkina Faso was attacked again, the question is if further intervention against armed groups is needed.   Armed groups have once again targeted Burkina Faso 's capital Ouagadougou. They launched two coordinated attacks on Friday against the army's headquarters and the French embassy, killing several people and injuring dozens more. The government has called it a terrorist attack. Burkina Faso is one of five regional countries contributing to a military force called the Sahel G-5, along with France. It is meant to go after armed groups including al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, but the attacks against civilians continue. So, is further intervention needed? Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra Guests: Marie-Roger Biloa - Editor, Africa International Adama Gaye - ex-Director of Information, The Economic Community of West African States or ECOWAS Martin Ewi - Senior Researcher, The Institute for Security Studies Source:   A

Cabinet Reshuffle Cameroon: Biya Kicks out allies, Creates new Ministries, Gives Territorial Administration to Anglophone

The President of the republic Paul Biya has reshuffled his Cabinet. The news fell like a bomb shell Friday March 2, exceptionally during the 8pm news on the state radio unlike the 5pm news tradition.  The presidential degree creates some new ministries amongst them The Ministry of   Territorial Administration and the Ministry of   Decentralization and Local Development with Paul Atanga Nji appointed pioneer Minister of Territorial Administration. These Ministries were hitherto merged as a single Ministry with one Minsiter at the helm managing both interior, local governance and local development matters. Transferred to Missions at the Presidency of the Republic, Rene Sadii had headed the Ministry for over seven years. Some Close allies of the President like the former Minsiter of Transport Edgar Alian Mebe Ngo, former Director of Civil Cabinet Belinga Ebotu, former Minister of Water and Energy Basil Atanga Kuna and others.  Masena Ngalle Bibehe who served as Secondary Educa

British Minister lauds SHUMAS’ Strides In Sustainable Development actions.

The British Minister of State for Africa, Harriet Baldwin has expressed satisfaction to endeavors made by Strategic Humanitarian Services, SHUMAS Cameroon in fostering sustainable rural development and her fruitful partnership with United Kingdom Charities with whom SHUMAS has been working with over the years.   She made the appreciation Wednesday February 14, in Sodiko, a locality in Douala IV sub division, Wouri Division of the Littoral Region while on a tour to do an appraisal of the impact of work of UK Charities who have been partnering with SHUMAS. Accompanied by the British High Commissioner to Cameroon Rowan Laxton, the British Minister of State for Africa visited an ultra-modern laboratory with state of the art equipment worth over FCFA 35 million at Government Bilingual High School Sodiko which was realized and handed over by SHUMAS and Building Schools for Africa, a UK Charity that has partnered with SHUMAS over the years to build schools in Cameroon. It i