“You are coming into an ant hill, please be cautious so that the ants should not bit you. You are taking over a Prefecture where the laws were replaced by Tikar proverbs. Thank God you are not a Tikar notable, therefore use the laws of the state and apply them according to your conscience.” These were the words of Lukong Margret Beri First Deputy Mayor Kumbo Council on behalf of the Mayor during the handing over ceremony between the outgoing and incoming Senior Divisional Officers for Bui at the Tobin municipal stadium Tuesday 18th July, 2017.
In what sounded like a disapproval or dissatisfaction with the reign of the outgoing SDO Nzeki Theophile in Bui and Kumbo in particular, the Mayor stated “we regret the fact that you are leaving behind a fractured society totally disintegrated and almost ruined. The love, happiness and brotherhood that reigned in Kumbo is gone because of tactless leadership, since the administration condoned with lawlessness and mediocrity.” Using the Kumbo Water crisis as a yardstick for this accessions, the Mayor told those who turned out why the crisis had to drag on stating “the kumbo water crisis had to drag for long because the administration closed its eyes on the la and gave its ears to street talk. Today the people of kumbo go for months without water. This is the legacy you are leaving behind. The administrator failed in its responsibility to enforce the law and to protect lives and property regarding the water crisis.” While stating that the SDO is “leaving behind an anti-decentralization transfer process of an important public utility (Kumbo Water), the mayor however enjoined the Ad hoc Committee charged with the management of water in Kumbo “to ensure that all the quarters in Kumbo should have access to safe drinking portable water.”
Welcoming the New Administrative head to Nui Division, the Mayor assured Mooh Emile Simon of the support of the Elite of Bui if he will be open. While informing the SDO of the rights consciousness, hospitable and welcoming nature of the Bui people, She will however appealed to the governor “to do everything possible to solve the Anglophone Minority crisis in the North West and South West Regions” which has led to no schools for an academic year, “an undeclared state of emergency, characterized by illegal arrests, extortion of money from poor citizens, beatings and breaking people’s bones, teargasing at funeral ceremonies, teargasing of the peaceful people of Kumbo, destruction of property particularly motor bikes of poor unemployed youths, breaking into off licenses and destroying valuable items etc.”
Created in 1966, Nzeki Theophile outgoing SDO for Bui took charge of the Division in October of 2012 as the 20th SDO to be appointed to the area. According to governor Lele Adolph, Nzeki will be remembered for the finalization of the Shisong Cardiac center which has been declared a public utility facility by the president of the republic, reopening of the faculty of medicine of the University of Bamenda, supervision of the pioneer senatorial elections as well as the municipal and legislative elections, tactful management of the Kumbo water crisis and secessionists amongst others.
As Nzeki goes on retirement the new SDO has been given his new responsibilities. “as a custodian of state institutions in Bui Divisions, you are expected to represent the state in acts of civil life and in law. Ensure the maintenance of law and order, enforcement of laws and regulations…….”. The Administrative head will be expected to manage land issues through the land consultative board, champion the fight against terrorism in the division which the governor stated is on the rise, intensify the control of sales and cultivating of marijuana and above all ensure the effective resumption of schools come September 2017. 
Born on the 31st of March 1963 in Ndikisen in the Littoral Region Mooh Emile Simon holder of a maitrice in public law from the University of Yaounde I and graduate of the Advance School of administration and Magistracy ENAM prior to his appointment was serving as Secretary General at the West Regional Governor’s Office after serving in the Ministry of Territorial administration and decentralization and other services and Divisional officer in several areas Amongst them Ndikinimiki, Mbongue, Douala 6, Batcham.  
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