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Bamenda III Council: Water scheme gets solar energy, dosage boost

By Bakah Derick The optimisation of the Bamenda III Council water purification plan has continued with the addition of solar energy to the plant.  The team of foreign and local experts have been working on the plant with the objective of improving qualify and quantity.  The solar energy system installed in this optimisation phase is expected to solved the general hydroelectric irregular supply in the area.  Work is also being done on the dosing pumps to ensure the right chemicals needed for the treatment and purification process get into the plant.  The slightly over five years old water scheme is the fruit of  cooperation between the Bamenda III Council and Trinkwasser Association of the Trier City council in Germany. The project was launched on December 1, 2016 in a heavily attended ceremony with the German Ambassador to Cameroon present.  So far several quarters and hundreds of households are consuming the water.  The Bamenda III Counc