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Nukuns Enterprises Unveils 5-Year Strategic Plan for PIC North West

Bamenda, Cameroon- Nukuns Enterprises on Tuesday 30 January 2024 presented a proposed 5-year Strategic Plan for the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) in the North West Region. The presentation marked a historic moment for the institution, described by the PIC, Tamfu Simon Fai as a "pioneer forward-looking institution" that requires a clear, realistic, flexible, and actionable vision to guide its future endeavors . The PIC emphasized the importance of having a strategic plan that is easily communicated, measurable, and adaptable to ensure the effective functioning of the office.  Over the past two years of its existence, the PIC has focused on setting up its operations and raising awareness about its mission and role among stakeholders and the population of the North-West Region. During the presentation, stakeholders engaged with the proposed strategic plan, asking questions and providing valuable recommendations to enhance its effectiv

Special Status: PIC presents balance sheet to "NW Elites"

By Bakah Derick  The Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) for the North West Region has presented want can be clearly considered as a balance sheet of the institution's over a year and few months of existence. The PIC Tamfu Simon Fai, used an information seminar on Monday 7 November 2022 for the elite of the region to outline the distance covered in the discharge of his duties.  View of the hall on meeting day  "So far, and since we started work here late last year, we have received a total of 64 complaints and treated 53 while 11 are under processing. Of these 64 complaints, 42 are within the ambitious of our mandate while 22 are outside our domain of competence." Tamfu Simon said  Monday's seminar is the fifth organised by the public pacifactor since creation after the previous ones with Senior Divisional Officers, Mayors, House of Divisional Representatives and house of Chiefs of the Refional Assembly.  During the different sessions, the PIC