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Divine Mercy Sunday: "If our country must have peace, we must be merciful." Priest say

By Bakah Derick  Christians of St Paul Quasi Parish Nkwen have been challenged to be ambassadors and missionaries of mercy. A priest whose name we got as Fr Collins gave the challenge during the early morning Holy Mass on Sunday 24 April 2022 to mark this year's feast of Divine Mercy.  "If our country must have peace then we must be merciful" the priest said  The feast of Divine Mercy he said ends nine days of novena prayers which started on Good Friday. During the novena prayers, Fr Collins detailed that those who took part prayed for  sinners, priests, souls of children, those in polgatory and those who do not believe in the existence of God.  "Divine Mercy prayer helps all to God more and his sorrowful heart...Divine Mercy members are apostles and missionaries of God's mercy in communities." He said  The priest encouraged all to be merciful and to do that he said, they must "have the capacity to forgive, show kindness, pity an

Easter: St Paul Quasi Parish Nkwen Christians charged to be true witnesses of Jesus Christ

By Bakah Derick  Christians of St Paul Quasi Parish Nkwen have been challenged to be true witnesses of the resurrected Jesus Christ. Rev Fr Ignatius Waindim made the call on Sunday 17 April 2022 during a solemn Holy Mass that marks the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion.  Christians listening to the homily if Rev Fr Ignatius Waindim  With all the events that surround Easter particularly his resurrection as recounted in the Bible, the Parish Priest stated that the  lives of Christians must be examplary.  He huged the Christians to be strong in faith and believe such that even in court and at the expense if their lives, they can still declare it. According to him, only such conviction and commitment can make Christians an extension of Jesus Christ. This he added must be done by forgiving, reconciling and  making peace with one another.  As one of the principal feast of the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian churches that respect