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Football Coaching: Anumewa Franklin and Sama Kenneth a duo deserving of gun salutes

By Bakah Derick  Anumewa Franklin and Sama Kenneth have added to their credentials another outstanding achievement in grassroot football development. The two repeated an uncommon achievement on Saturday September 25, 2021 as they qualified Rangers FC Bafut for the Elite Two championship at the close of the National Interpools.  It is the second time the two have worked together to produce similar results. In 2019, the duo masterminded the qualification of Foncha Street (now relegated) for the Elite Two. While in Bertoua that year, the two showed an unexpected understanding of the beautiful resulting in remarkable victories. Very little was heard of the two when they came. Anumewa later parted ways with Foncha Street as Sama Kenneth continued with his duties as deputy trainer in charge of physical fitness of the U-23 national football team.  While Anumewa Franklin took the job of trainer with least expected Rangers FC Bafut, Sama Kenneth was added another cap as head of the