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Nkwen Market fire incident: traders pickup pieces in tears

By Bakah Derick After the fire incident that consumed shops at the Nkwen Market on Tuesday 30 November 2021, traders have begun reconstructing their shops.  Burnt part of Nkwen Market under construction "My brother we cannot continue crying. When crying be moving. That is what you people say right." Caro said as she observes the construction of her shop.  The builders are busy raising a building with several shops. The shops consumed by the fire were made of corrugated iron sheet. Today a building of mud bricks and cement is being raised by a team with a timeline. The builders have a week to finish while the traders count on different sources of finances to get goods for their shops.  "I was able to get a small loan plus small savings. I hope to stock some goods before Christmas. My hope is that our landlord will be able to push so the builders finish in about a week." Caro adds. location under construction just after the fire incident  Like