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Mobile Money Tax: "It will discourage financial inclusion, stifle electronic money transfers and slow down economic progress." Dr Ndah Grimbald

Since the January 1, 2022, Cameoonians have been paying a new 0.02% tax instituted by the Cameoon Government on Mobile Money Transactions. Inscribed in the 2022 finance law, the tax which seeks to increase state revenue has not gone down well with many Cameroonians. Social media has been awashed by messages of Cameroonains either making a mockery of the tax in relation to other forms of financial transactions in the country or outrightly condemning it.  Dr. Ndah Grimbald, University Lecturer & Researcher and Centre Regional Secretary of the SDF In an effort to understand the the new law,'s Editor Bakah Derick talks with Dr Ndah Grimbald, University Lecturer and Researcher in the Banking and Finance Sector. The lecturer who is also a politician examines the impact of the tax on the ordinary man, the government and analyses possibilities for it's success. Dr Ndah also looks at the law in relation to the taxing of 'Njangi' groups. This