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Mankon Enthronement: the fortune teller who spoke with the gods all along in pictures

By Bakah Derick  Amongst the many attractions during the enthronement of the Fon of Mankon on Tuesday 7 June 2022 was the village fortune teller. Dressed in a torn red gown, with special beads and rubber shoes, the fortune teller juggled amongst the people like someone who had lost his sanity.  In rain and sun, he was on his feet and from time to time he will lie on the ground as if he is listening to a message from the gods.  He will not talk to us despite all our attempts to have a chat with him. Lots advanced in age but very energetic.  Earlier in the morning, he was calm and in a mourning mood. No dancing or jesticulations could be noticed. His face is even covered.  He seemed to love the bottle dance music considered highlife in Mankon. Here he was a jester. He gave everyone a reason to smile when it came on especially during the later part of the public presentation and naming of the Fon.  He could be seen exchanging wit

Save the Crown: Android era welcomes 21st Mankon Fo Fru Asaah Angwafo IV

By Bakah Derick  Since the disappearance of Fo Angwafo III in the second half of May 2022, almost every detail has been on social media. Though can authoritatively state that the father of the Mankon people slept several days before his disappearance was made public even by the Bamenda administration, that was the most the dreaded Kwifo could do without the knowledge of the android generation.  Everyone struggles to capture a picture of the phone  Immediately the administration made the unpopular outing accoridng to traditional conservatives, the battle for who announces the successor began even before the kwifo could make the official announcement confirming the disappearance of the Fon. Even the announcement that convened a meeting of quarterheads and those ranking as such or above was seen on social media platforms unlike before when such announcements were made with the talking drum. The Kwifo explained that both were all means of communication and