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Opinion: The role of English and local languages in communication and public diplomacy about the Congo Basin

By Kenneth Nsah There is a growing consensus that we need not only science and technology but also arts, humanities and social sciences to address the global anthropogenic climate and environmental emergency currently menacing the world, including the Congo Basin in central Africa. Indeed, it is (almost) impossible to ignore the Congo Basin when talking about the ongoing global climate and environmental crisis. Dr Kenneth Nsah  The Congo Basin is indisputably an international geostrategic hotspot due to its rich biodiversity and cultural diversity and its wealth of minerals. The Congo Basin’s geostrategic importance is also significantly explained by its enormous capacity for carbon sequestration and climate mitigation through its tropical rainforests and largest peatlands on Earth, absorbing about 4% of the world's global carbon emissions. For some, the Congo Basin has now surpassed the Amazon Basin where deforestation rates are higher to become the first lung of the E