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Paul Biya 39 years in Power: Mezam I C celebrates in style under New leadership

By Bakah Derick Militants of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) have stood out of  the crowd in celebrations marking the 39th anniversary of their party chairman  Paul Biya as President of Cameroon. Joining the regional celebrations in Bamenda on Saturday 6 November 2021, Mezam I C came in with an unmatched number of young people.  Led by the new section President Che Ndaka Nicolas himself a youth, not just did the section come in party colours but also in fine North West traditional regalia and dance.  "We work with convinced and committed militants of our party. I am happy that many young people are standing by me even at.challenging times to make sure that the party has the right representation every time need arises. I am happy for the turnout and can only wise the head of state good health as we celebrate him." Che Ndaka told Hilltopvoices.  In what could be styled the installation of the recently elected was a remarkable presenc