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Cameroon Cup 2021: NWCA-Kola Coffee accompanying PWD, Supporters in Yaounde

  By Bakah Derick  The North West Co-operative Association (NWCA) is making a strong presence in Yaounde following the involvement of PWD social football club of Bamenda in this year's Cup of Cameroon finals.  North West Governor with his Kola Coffee pack as he visits Supprters ahead of the finals (picture by  Ndzomo Zingui for PWD supporters group.)  The coffee farmers co-operative under the leadership of Timothy Waindim, General Manager dispatched not fewer than five persons from the marketing department to ensure the Abakwa Boys and their supporters get the much needed moral support for their trophy chase.  Early Sunday morning, Supprters have been warming up themselves with the uniquely grown and processed coffee from the highlands of the North West Region of Cameroon.  As an official sponsor of PWD Bamenda, NWCA-kola Coffee representatives in Yaounde are also bearers of good tiding messages from the over 35000 small peasant farmers across the highlands