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Bandjoun: Painter, artist Barthélémy Toguo opens doors to enthusiastic contemporary change makers

By Bakah Derick  Cameroonian painter, visual and performing artist Barthelemy Toguo has in a rare move opened his doors to about 50 enthusiast of contemporary arts. The celebrated artist opened the doors to his huge achievement as part of a two days invocations programme organised by SAVVY Contemporary in Bandjoun near Bafoussam West Region of Cameroon.    Barthelemy Toguo addressing his guests in the Tesse residence constructed for teachers   Beginning on the evening of Thursday 31 March 2022 when the programme participants arrived the Bandjoun station property of the multiple award winning artist, he has been speaking hard on his convictions and plans.  Addressing his guest, Barthélémy  indicated that he has worked for many years in Paris France and for the last 30 years, he has decided to invest back in his place of birth; Bandjoun and country Cameroon. Bandjoun station he said is a museum with a huge gallery of his works as well as those of other artist from  across the