National Day Celebration: Bum in rare feast

Bum like many other subdivisions across Cameroon witnessed a significant turnout  National Day celebration on May 20th, marking the 52nd edition of the event. Chaired by Ngang Tumasang Walters, the Divisional Officer of Bum, the celebration like elsewhere around Cameroon held under the theme: "Army and Nation: Together for a United, Peaceful, and Prosperous Cameroon."

The presence of many preschools, primary schools, and secondary and high schools in the March Pass highlighted a significant step towards educational recovery in Bum. 
NUDP militants March pass

The celebration also showcased the political vibrancy in Bum. Militants and sympathizers from three political parties—Elhadj Lawan Bako's United Democratic Party (UDP), Minister Bello Buba's National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP), and the ruling CPDM of President  Paul Biya —demonstrated their presence and strength as they filed past the grandstand. Notably absent was the Social Democratic Front (SDF), led  by Hon. Osih Joshua
Sources say many SDF militants have shifted allegiance to the CPDM and NUDP.

The ceremony was also marked by generosity, with numerous cash prizes awarded to pupils and students, and cash donations provided to mothers in difficult circumstances. These donations were made by a group called Boyo Women, championed by Jessica Newi Langha Epse Abega.
Ngang Tumasang, Bum Divisional Officer 

The Divisional Officer, Ngang Tumasang Walters expressed his joy at the large turnout, noting that it was the first time in seven years that people from all corners of Bum had come together to actively participate in the celebration. He emphasized that Bum is the only subdivision in Boyo Division that celebrated the national day without any gunshots, an indication to the peace and cooperation reigning in the area.
Yunji Nelson, NUDP Coordinator 

Yunji Nelson, the coordinator of the NUDP in Bum, shared his optimism about his party’s future in the region, expressing confidence in their ability to take over the Fonfuka council. Meanwhile, the UDP coordinator highlighted the party's strong presence and readiness for the upcoming elections.

A traditional football match for peace, featuring youth and middle-aged participants, provided a fitting and joyful end to a day that celebrated unity, peace, and community spirit.

By Nji Ignatius 
Tel: 6 94 71 85 77 

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