From Runway to Skincare: Cameroon's International Model Winnie Carine Taminang gets Certification as Aesthetician, Laser Therapist

Renowned for her elegance and poise on the international modeling stage, Cameroonian model Winnie Carine Taminang has added another feather to her cap graduating as a certified aesthetician and laser therapist. 

Seven years ago, Taminang’s interest in skincare was sparked not on the runways, but in the comfort of her home. 
Winnie Carine Taminang on stage mode

"I discovered a passion for creating my own beauty products rather than relying on commercial, processed ones," she shared in a heartfelt post on her Facebook page, Winnie Carine. 

What began as a hobby soon gained the attention and encouragement of friends, who saw potential where she saw mere pastime. Yet,  Winnie Taminang initially dismissed the idea of turning her hobby into a business, insisting it was just for personal use.

According to Winnie, the turning point came during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the world in lockdown and time for reflection, Taminang's interest in skincare deepened. 

"The idea of studying skincare extensively and creating natural products for all skin types took root. The pandemic gave me the time and space to really think about my future and what I wanted to achieve," she explained.
Winnie Carine Taminang on Graduation day

In early 2022, Taminang decided to take a bold step towards her newfound dream. She immersed herself in research, discovering aesthetic beauty therapy courses and the field of laser therapy for skincare. The path was anything but easy. Juggling a full-time job while attending school four days a week demanded extraordinary dedication. 

"There were sleepless nights and moments of doubt," she admitted, "but I never give up. I may stumble or take breaks, but the burning desire to move forward always reignites."