Mankon Mourns Junior Pope: Princess Angwafo Pays Tribute

The community of Mankon is reeling from the tragic news of the passing of Junior Pope in a boat mishap. Princess Angwafo of Mankon expressed her deepest condolences with a Facebook post on Saturday 13 April 2024 and paid tribute to the beloved son of the community, highlighting his profound impact on both local and international levels. 
In an emotional message, Princess Angwafo reminisced about Junior Pope's deep roots in Mankon, where he was born and raised. She praised his efforts in preserving the history and heritage of their village, recounting how he shared the stories of Mankon with his children, fellow Nigerians, and people around the world.

"Junior Pope, you have given so much honor to this community," Princess Angwafo remarked. "Thank you for ensuring that the history of Mankon is never forgotten, and for instilling in your children the significance of their roots."

Reflecting on the tragic incident, Princess Angwafo expressed her disbelief and prayed for it to be a mere prank. She called upon Nigerians to confirm the news as false, hoping against hope for Junior Pope's safe return. Despite her anguish, Princess Angwafo vowed that Junior Pope's legacy would live on, as his children would continue to carry the spirit of Mankon wherever they go.

"You were such a sweet soul and paid tribute where it is due," Princess Angwafo said, her voice heavy with emotion. "Mankon will never forget the road you kept teaching your children, for they shall one day locate it."