Access To Justice: PEARL Foundation Closing the Gap for Grassroots Women with Maputo Protocol

PEARL Foundation, a Bamenda based non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding children and vulnerable persons on Wednesday 17 April 2024 organized a one-day training workshop aimed at addressing the critical need of enhancing access to justice for grassroots women grappling with issues of gender-based violence and rights violations.
Participants at the Pearl Workshop 

Led by the Executive Director of PEARL Foundation, Nsono Josephine, the workshop focused not only to educate grassroots women but also to foster a network involving legal experts. The focus was on raising awareness about the MAPUTO Protocol, a crucial document offering protection to women, particularly in vulnerable settings ratified by Cameroon close to two decades a ago.
Nsono Josephine spearheaded the session on Understanding the Maputo Protocol, delving into its pivotal articles concerning protection against violence, safeguarding women in armed conflicts, and aiding women in distress. 

Through group consultations with clergy, female theologians, and female lawyers, participants engaged deeply with articles 3, 4(2)(c)&(d), 5, 11, and 24 of the Protocol sharing diverse experiences and making contextual proposals on how religious and legal settings can be of help. 
Nsono Josephine speaking to the Press

Speaking earlier, Ful Catherine presented the core values and mission of the PEARL Foundation,  explaining that PEARL means: Protection, Empowerment, Advocacy, Rehabilitation, and Livelihood. She assured participants that the foundation's overarching goal is to fortify the capacity of organizations, communities, individuals, and families in safeguarding children and young persons from harm considering their vision which is to build a society where every child and young person can thrive, free from harm.
Nsono Josephine, Addressing participants 

With pillars like capacity development, economic empowerment, peace, and social cohesion, the PEARL Foundation maintains a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and quality. Their zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment underscores their dedication to protecting the most vulnerable.
View of the participants during training 

By empowering women with knowledge of their rights and fostering networks of support, participants say strides towards justice and equality will one day become not just aspirations, but attainable realities.

By Asheri Loveliness
Tel: 6 94 71 85 77 

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