Austin Ayuni Sakah: A Beacon of People Focused Administration

Austin Ayuni Sakah has emerged as one of the most influential personalities within the vibrant community of the Bamenda III Municipality. Appointed as the Divisional Officer (DO) in 2022, he has swiftly become a driving force behind meaningful community development initiatives and the preservation of cultural values and peaceful coexistence within the area.

Ayuni Austin Sakah

One of the hallmarks of Austin Ayuni Sakah's leadership is his strong spirit of collaboration with local authorities, particularly with Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe and HRH Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen. Together, they form a formidable team committed to the progress and prosperity of Bamenda III Municipality in what he described as the “development trinity.”

A true champion of community events, Austin Ayuni Sakah has been actively involved in promoting sports and culture among the youth. During the finals of the 2022 Bamenda III Council inclusive Royal football tournament, he delivered a powerful message encouraging young people to prioritize education and foster love and unity among themselves. In the following year's edition, he challenged them to become peace ambassadors and contribute to the overall development of the subdivision.

Austin Ayuni Sakah has been instrumental in advocating for the annual organization of the football tournament to keep the youth engaged and responsible. His dedication to fostering unity and collaboration was further demonstrated when he, alongside the Fon and Mayor, traveled to Douala in the Littoral Region of Cameroon to participate in a football tournament organized by the Fon. This symbolic gesture aimed to reassure Nkwen children based in Douala and beyond of the commitment to work together towards the development of the Bamenda III Municipality.

In addition to his efforts in promoting sports, Austin Ayuni Sakah has played a key role in organizing the Bamenda III Council Festival of Heritage Arts and Culture (FEHACU) for two consecutive years. This festival serves as a platform to celebrate and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the communities therein further strengthening bonds among residents.

Despite his high-ranking position, Austin Ayuni Sakah remains a humble and accessible administrator with an open-door policy. Known for his firmness when necessary, he is also recognized for his simplicity and down-to-earth demeanor. Often seen driving around the municipality himself, he eschews the trappings of power and privilege, embodying a true servant-leader ethos.

While respecting and engaging with all religious groups in his area of command, Austin Ayuni Sakah is known for his Christian faith and his role as a dedicated family head. His commitment to unity, collaboration, and community development has earned him a well-deserved place among the 25 most influential personalities within Bamenda III Municipality.

Austin Ayuni Sakah stands as a shining example of effective leadership, unity, and dedication to community progress. His vision for a harmonious and prosperous Bamenda III Municipality continues to inspire those around him to work together towards a brighter future for all residents.

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