25 Most Influential Personalities Bamenda III Municipality 2023: Celebrating Resilience and Leadership

In the face of adversity, it is essential to recognize and celebrate the individuals who continue to make a positive impact on our municipality. I said ‘OURs’ because I live in Bamenda III and I am convinced that it is our duty to make this already very known municipality great. 

25 Most Influential Personalities

In the midst of security concerns, economic challenges, and development obstacles, the residents of Bamenda III Municipality have shown resilience, determination, and leadership. As a testament to their unmatched commitment to progress and unity, we have decided to publish the list of the 25 most influential personalities within the municipality for the year 2023.

The decision to highlight these individuals is not merely an exercise in recognition but a reflection of the strength and spirit of the people of Bamenda III. The fore fathers of our municipality like  late Prince Pius Ngwa Amadou, (late), HRM Fon Ngufor III (late)  and others; many of who still live with us didn't battle for this municipality with fear and we must not fail them in the face of difficulties as is the case now. 

Despite the difficult times we are living in, these influential personalities have demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and service to their immediate communities and beyond even from far. Through their actions, they have inspired hope, fostered unity, and driven positive change in the face of adversity.

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Security concerns have plagued our municipality just like our region, especially with the ongoing armed conflict, rising drug consumption, robbery and instability, threatening the safety and well-being of residents. In such challenging times, the 25 most influential personalities of Bamenda III Municipality have emerged as sources of light, guiding their communities through turbulent waters with courage and resilience. Whether through advocacy for peace, politics, support for those affected by violence, or initiatives to promote dialogue and reconciliation, these individuals have shown a steadfast commitment to building a more secure and peaceful future for us all.

Economic challenges have also posed significant obstacles to development and prosperity in the Bamenda III Municipality. Limited access to resources, job opportunities, and essential services have hindered progress and stunted growth. Despite these hurdles, the influential personalities on our list have worked tirelessly to empower their communities, create economic opportunities, and foster sustainable development. Whether through entrepreneurship, skills training programs, or advocacy for economic reforms, these individuals have been instrumental in driving economic resilience and empowerment within our municipality.

Development challenges further compound the difficulties faced by residents of Bamenda III Municipality. Inadequate infrastructure, limited access to education and healthcare facilities, and environmental concerns pose significant barriers to progress and well-being. The 25 most influential personalities recognized in our list have taken up the mantle of leadership in addressing these challenges head-on. Through community development projects, advocacy for social services, and initiatives to protect the environment, these individuals have championed sustainable development and improved quality of life for all residents.

The decision to publish the list of the 25 most influential personalities within Bamenda III Municipality therefore is proof to the remarkable achievements, dedication, and impact of these individuals in the face of adversity. 


By shining a spotlight on their contributions, we aim to inspire others, celebrate their accomplishments, and highlight the resilience and leadership that define the spirit of our community.

As we navigate through difficult times marked by security concerns, economic challenges, and development obstacles, it is more important than ever to acknowledge and honor those who continue to lead by example, inspire change, and make a positive difference in the lives of others. The 25 most influential personalities of Bamenda III Municipality embody the spirit of resilience, unity, and progress that will guide their respective communities towards a brighter future.

In celebrating their achievements and highlighting their impact, we pay tribute to the strength and determination of the people of Bamenda III Municipality. It is through their leadership, service, and dedication that we find hope, inspiration, and a path forward towards a more prosperous and peaceful tomorrow. I invite you to please take time off your busy schedule and go page by page to see what these selected 25 personalities have been doing in our municipality especially within the year 2023. 

Congratulations to those listed. If we didn't mention you, keep working. See you in 2025

By Bakah Derick 

Administrator/Lead Strategist, HilltopVoices Communications Group Ltd 


Email: debakah2004@yahoo.com 

Tel: 6 94 71 85 77 

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