SHUMAS Cameroon furnish SAJOCCO Mankon

By Bakah Derick 

Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) Cameroon has donated some furniture to St Joseph Comprehensive College (SAJOCCO) Mankon-Bamenda. The furniture made up of desks, tables and chairs was handed to the school on Wednesday 11 October 2023. 
Cutting of symbolic ribbon

The Students, parents and administration representatives have expressed gratitude to SHUMAS Cameroon promising to make maximum use of the furniture. 

“We had fewer than 300 desks, most of them dilapidated because they were furniture made for primary school kids and many of them have given way and with the growing number; I inherited 233 in 2020, now we are 600, so you can imagine the population growth and so these desks will go to help that acute problem of shortage.” Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Ndong, SAJOCCO Principal said 
Fr. Bonaventure Ndong Principal SAJOCCO 

Accompanying the the Principal to receive the items was the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Bamenda representing the Archbishop who is said to be the proprietor of all catholic schools in the area. 

“We thank SHUMAS Cameroon for providing desks, tables and chairs to St. Joseph Comprehensive College. SHUMAS has been doing much and this adds to what the Archbishop has been doing for the schools in the Archdiocese of Bamenda. Despite all the Archbishop is doing to ensure that the children study well, there will always be need to improve on these structures, be it benches, be it other materials the school will need and so the donation by SHUMAS is timely.” Rev. Fr. Che Derek said 

Billian Nyuykighan, SHUMAS Programs Coordinator on behalf of her institution’s Director General has handed the furniture with a note of appreciation to AidCAMPs International for assisting them meet the needs of the students. 
Madam Nyuykighan Billian address the event 

“SHUMAS promotes especially the future generation and we look on the children as future leaders. When we came to St. Joseph, we saw that there was a great need for the children to have benches. That is what motivated us to look for funds for them to be able to sit very well in a conducive environment and be able to write well.” She said 

Created in 1996 and recognized as an association in 1997, Strategic Humanitarian Services SHUMAS focuses on Humanitarian Response and Integrated Sustainable Development with the aim to improve lives, safe lives, reduce poverty and empower the most vulnerable people to realize the fullest of their potentials without limiting posterity from meeting theirs. 
Students celebrate new furniture 

For over 25 years, SHUMAS has successfully carried out activities in all 10 Regions of Cameroon in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Health, Women Empowerment, Environment, Social Welfare, Water and Sanitation and Volunteering. In the North West, South West, West, littoral, Center and Far north Regions of Cameroon, SHUMAS has been working alleviate the suffering of crisis affected populations in the areas of; Food Security/Livelihoods, Nutrition, Education in Emergency, Health,    Shelter/NFI, Protection and WASH. 

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