Palm Sunday: Christians called to sincere generosity like Jesus Christ

By Nfor Nkfu 

Christian denominations around the world have begun observing what they call Holy Week. The observation started this Sunday 1 April 2023 with Palm Sunday believed to be the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. 
Christians at St Paul's Catholic Church Ntakikah Nkwen on Palm Sunday 

At St Paul Catholic Church in Ntakikah Nkwen, the Parish Priest invited his Christians to be selfless in all they do considering Jesus Christ as their example. Rev Fr Timothy Waindim noted that being a Christian is a journey for those who truly want to be like Jesus Christ. 
At the St Pompilius, Rev Fr Jason Mulu, Parish Priest for St Michael's Catholic Church Futru Nkwen invited his Christian to be exemplary in their character and to observe the holy week with commitment and dedication. 
Rev Fr Jason Mulu (in red) leading Palm Sunday Mass in Niboung Nkwen 

"The Lord needs each one of us as he needed the donkey in today's reading. What different story would we be telling today if the unnamed owners of the donkey had refused to give it up? Maybe we would not have had the story of the triumphal entry, at least not in the way Jesus wanted it. No matter how unknown a person is, he or she can still play a crucial role in the unfolding of God's plan. All of us have a donkey. You and I each have something in our lives, which, if given back to God, could, like the donkey, move Jesus and his story further down the road. Maybe you can sing or hug or program a computer or speak many languages or write a check. Whichever, that's your donkey, it belongs to Jesus. Your gifts are his and the donkey was his. The original wording of the instructions Jesus gave to his disciples is : "If anyone asks you why you are taking the donkeys, you are to say, 'Its Lord is in need." Rev Fr Jason Mulu said 

At Presbyterian Church Mandah Nkwen, the Pastor Preached on the theme 'window dressing.' According to him, many Christians now engage on things that society accepts not because God accepts. He has challenged Christians to be Christ like and serve God by their lives and character. 
Christians observing Palm Sunday in St Michael's Catholic Church Futru Nkwe

Tuesday and Wednesday will be silent with during this week but Thursday and Friday our considered Holy. Special activities will be organised inusing the confessions and public ways of the cross in churches across the world.

Holy week ends on Sunday with Easter Sunday considered the day Jesus Christ resurrected and went up to heaven body from the death after his crucifixion on Good Friday within the period referred to as paschal triduum. 

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