Community Development: Bambui stage giant fund raiser to promote ICT, Tourism, others

By Bakah Derick 

Sons and daughters of Bambui have met for their annual general meeting (AGM) with the intention to raise funds for the completion of a community project to promote information and communication technology, Tourism, education amongst others. The AGM on Saturday 8 April 2023 at the Bambui targeted 50MFCFA to complete the village multipurpose hall located in the palace. 
Fon of Bambui, HRH Angafor Moo-bo III accompanied by his notables 

The project which started about eight years ago, will host a museum, an ICT center, village Library and a guest house. These facilities according to the leadership of the Bambui Cultural and Development Association (BACUDA) will facilitate learning for youths at home and promote not just the culture but also the tourist attractions of the Fondom. 

Spearheaded by BACUDA, the AGM and the fund raiser held under the theme: “operation 50 Million, building a peaceful community together in love" with the hope of raising the required amount for a significant advancement of the project. 
BACUDA  National President has expressed gratitude to Bambui sons and daughters and other benefactors for trusting and uniting behind the association for the progress of the village. Barrister Mbumbu Dickson has appreciated the massive turnout and promised to do all within his capacity to work towards meeting the needs of the village. 

The Bambui Traditional Council Chairperson Akuoh Valentine and the Divisional Officer for Tubah Narcise Metougue have congratulated BACUDA for the successful mobilization while expressing the wish for them to continue in the same path in search for peace and community development. 
Partial view of the AGM hall 

Represented by the Deputy Mayor for Tubah, Hon Agho Oliver currently out of the country on a special state mission made his donation promising to always do more for a community that has shown him so much love. 

"I feel so happy with the efforts of the Bambui Cultural and Development Association for this initiative. As you can see, the event took place in the palace and the attendance was huge. I want to thank them again and assure them of my constant support for everything that has to do with community development and promote peace." Hon Agho Oliver told via a messaging app from the US. 
Hon. Agho Oliver B, Member of Parliament Bafut-Tubah Constituency 

The development oriented MP never missed the opportunity of energizing the fundraiser at the esplanade of the Bambui palace as one of the major chief launchers with the sum of 500 000FCFA, which event saw contributions from across the board amounting to over 22 millions. 

The Fon of Bambui HRH Angafor Moo-bo III has expressed immense gratitude to all his sons and daughters for working relentlessly towards giving the rural home and the village in general a befitting face lift. He has appealed for more contributions for the development of the village. 

The wish of Barrister Mbumbu Dickson and his executive is that the funds raised will be immediately put to use. By the time funds are exhausted, they hope the project will be at nothing less than 90 percent physical realisation. 

The AGM also afforded the people of Bambui through an ecumenical service an opportunity to thank God and ask for more blessing and protection of the village and her children where ever they maybe. 

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