China NPC-CPPCC conferences: Foreign Minister Qin Gang Speaks of China’s vision, engagements

After fully lifting the COVID 19 pandemic control measures, the Chinese government is now setting the country’s future; “Forging Ahead on a New Journey.” Since March 4th, the 14th session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), 2023, has been meeting in Beijing to stem out a new orientation for the country and vision for the world at large. 
Both the NPC and the CPPCC conferences are following the last general congress of the party from the 16–22 October 2022 that was sanctioned by the election of new Central Committee members. The Meetings that are being chaired by the National Leader of the China Communist Party (CCP) and Head of State, President Xi Jing Ping has already seen some significant resolutions on various fronts both nationally and internationally. 

The outcomes exalt the citizens and the global community to seize the opportunity of and contribute to the building of a community of shared future for mankind. Hilltopvoices takes highlights of China’s position regarding the current world affairs following a sideline Press conference by the Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang.  

According to the Foreign Minister, China intends to continue to engage with the international community in line with Chinese foreign policy of peaceful development, mutual respect, and building a community of common destiny for mankind.

The diplomat announced that China will host two major international events this year. First, will be the China-Central Asia Summit, and Second, the 3rd Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Forum for International Cooperation. 
The two events that would be chaired by the Head of State "will showcase the distinctive character of China's diplomacy," Qin Gang stated. 

With China’s full opening up after the pandemic, the career diplomat said the Chinese government has “pressed the 'acceleration button', and sounded the clarion call for our diplomacy" recalling the current state of world affairs to foster peace. 

“China will defend its interests, safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development and will use every diplomatic options available to denounce hegemonic mongering and power politics.” He said adding that China can confidently count on its “extensive friendships” networks established with countries around the world in realizing the goals set in place. 
China will reject ‘decoupling’ and oppose severing industrial and supply chains and imposing unilateral sanctions; he reiterated. China will uphold an open and inclusive world’s economy and create new opportunities for the world within its new development vision. 
According to him, China is more than ever before ready to offer a Chinese approach to problem-solving that helps to meet humanity’s common challenges he added. China has always pursued an independent foreign policy of peaceful coexistence and will continue to implement the policy of mutual benefit (Win-Win policy). 
China and Cameroon relations
This press conference announces new incentives for developing countries to deepen engagements with China. Taking from Minister Qin Gang’s presser, the most important area of interest Cameroon must seize the opportunity of is the reinvigoration of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project to bring further development to Cameroon and strengthen ties between the two nations. Cameroon’s poor network infrastructure can well be developed through the BRI initiative thereby participating in the new Chinese world development vision. 

China’s intention to connect the rest of the Central African states through Cameroon’s gateways, would facilitate the movement of goods and promote business between China and these regional states. It is worth noting that under the BRI agreement, the Chinese Company China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) constructed the Kribi Deep seaport 2011 -2014, which went into operation in 2018, thereby decongested the Douala seaport and stimulated the economy. 

Many other major highway road projects are also being carried in Cameroon by the Chinese under the BRI. It is hoped that Cameroon will make good of the BRI project and continue to sensitize the citizens on the benefits the country stands to gain. China and Cameroon enjoy excellent relations and under the BRI Project their relations have grown even stronger.

By Tamunang T. Timothy

International Joint Lab of behavior and Cognitive Science

Zhengzhou Normal University, Henan, China

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