Bambui Fondom: Fon's NW rep commissioned to Unite, Develop

By Bakah Derick 

The Paramount Fon of Bambui has installed his representative for the North West Region with the mission to Unite his sons and daughters for the development of the village. HRH Fon Angafor Moo-bo III officially presented and installed Akamachuo Lopti Hilary Amungwa during an event in Bamenda on Sunday 18 December 2022. 
HRH Fon Angafor Moo-bo III Of Bambui speaking in Bamenda while commissioning rep for North West. 

Appointmented on November 30, 2022 during the 25th  memorial anniversary of HRH Fon Amungwafo, Lopti Hilary Amungwa has been praised by the leadership of the Bambui Culture and Development Association (BACUDA) as well as the traditional council for the many Bambui youths he has been training and supporting to be independent, contributions for the construction of the Bambui museum and purchase of the Fon's car as well as the organization of the Lah International football tournament for many years.

The Fon of Bambui has appreciated the business magnet for accepting to be at the service of his community through the appointment. 

"Hilary has always being of service to his community and despite his business training and growth he was never disturbed from.his duties in village development." Fon Angafor Moo-bo III said 

Describing the many friends of Hilary who showed up for the commissioning exercise as friends of Bambui, has huge them to assist his new representative in anyway they can for the development of Bambui. 

Akamachuo Lopti Hilary Amungwa talking to the press. 

"All I can ask the Bambui community is to help me let's work together as one person. I can't do this job alone, I call on the support of all the community to help me do this. It is the first time I holding such an office in my life, I have never been in a position like this that I have to watch people who might be older than you come with their complains for you to sort them out but I believe that God will give me wisdom to sort these problems out." Akamachuo Lopti Hilary said. 

The newly installed Bambui Fon's representative is one of five representatives appointed by HRH Fon Angafor Moo-bo III in November 2022 to represent him in the North West, Littoral, Center, South West and West regions. 

HRH Fon Angafor Moo-bo III handing over symbols of office to Akamachuo Lopti Hilary Amungwa 

The Fon has based his decision to make the appointments on the need for decentralization and mobilization for development. He has encouraged other sons and daughters of Bambui to continue working for the community while waiting for God's appointed time for their own recognition. 
Akamachuo Lopti Hilary Amungwa greeting his guest after the installation. 

Bambui village is host to the administration of Tubah Subdivision, Mezam Division with over 25000 inhabitants living in 40quarters. The village is host to four colleges and institutes of the university of Bamenda, the St Thomas Aquinas major seminary amongst others.