Business: Snail Sawyer; A Delicacy In Bamenda, Vendor Sells 02 Buckets Daily

By Ignatius Nji

Relindis Ambo, wife to a woodworker and mother of three is seen moving from one drinking spot to another selling snail Sawyer packaged in a clean transparent plastic bucket in Bamenda. Her customers could be seen placing orders and eating in relish,  spiced with some pepper. 

A bucket Ambo's VIP Snail Sawyer 

Nji Ignatius of Cameroon's bi-weekly newspaper Eden took interest and cornered the lady for a chat on her trade. Relindis disclosed that she hails from Njikwa subdivision Dunga Mantung division. She just relocated with her family from Buea to Bamenda because of the crisis. She has been selling snail Sawyer in Buea for six years and has continued with the business in Bamenda.

She admits that she makes more money in sale in Bamenda than when she was in Buea.
 "In a day I sell two buckets of snail Sawyer meaning in five days I sell ten buckets... Business is very good in Bamenda and a customer buys from Fcfa 500 to Fcfa 2000 at a go. We are few of us selling snail Sawyer in Bamenda..." Ambo said 

She revealed that she buys a bucket of unprocessed snails for Fcfa 16000 then processed them for sale and makes a comfortable profit. 
Relindis Ambo on a business day 

"With the money I make from selling snail Sawyer daily, I can't work for anybody or for government because they can't pay me much as this business does...I support my family from this business.." she said.

Snails were before now eaten only in coastal areas but with time and movement of people from the Northwest to work in coastal areas this food culture was imported to the Northwest and the people now seem to enjoy it more.

 Some people have taken up the growing snails for sale in Bamenda and are making fast cash.

Relindis who says she sells VIP Snail Sawyer claims that snails are not only nutritive but have some health benefits in the human body. It is believed that applying the slippery liquid from snails on a surgical wound would heal faster. 

A December 3, 2020 publication on benefits of eating snails, it states: "in addition to containing significant sources of protein and low amounts of fat, snails are also good sources of iron, calcium, Vitamin A, and a number of other minerals. Vitamin A helps strengthens the immune system to fight off diseases and strengthens the eyes vision. It also helps cells in the body to grow."


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